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Khetzali War Dragon

Lethal fighting force of the Khetzali army.

Basic Information


War Dragons share the same basic anatomy as Plains Racers, with the only key differences being size (War Dragons are larger) and shallower spinal ridges.

Biological Traits

War Dragons are healthier, larger, live longer, and have a milder temperament than their ancestors, Savanna Plains Racers.

Growth Rate & Stages

Hatchling War Dragons learn to fly within their first year of life and reach ridable size in about two years. From the moment they are born they are socialized and trained to be loyal. Once they are ridable they begin precise flight training. They are usually paired to train with their rider by the time they are three years old. They will likely continue to fight and train with the same rider for the rest of their lives.

Additional Information


Selective breeding resulted in Khetzali War Dragons being larger, smarter, calmer, and having shallower spinal ridges than their Plains Racer ancestors. They are also faster and more agile thanks to their training.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Most well known for their service in the Khetzali army with the Khetzali Dragon Riders, War Dragons are legendary for their usefulness in warfare. A team of only 3 dragons can completely turn the tides in any battle.

Dragons that aren't suitable for warfare (due to age, injury, or personality) are employed as wartime messengers. Communication speed with the help of these dragons might be even more valuable than their helpfulness in combat.

During times of peace, War Dragons keep their skills sharp in the Khetzali Dragon Races.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

War Dragons have very precise vision. They can spot details on a battlefield from hundreds of feet in the air.

Flash Code

War Dragons are able to light up certain sections of their wings in asymmetrical patterns. This talent is priceless for communication during battle, where shouting orders to other dragons is impossible. During training, the dragons are taught a standardized set of patterns called Flash Code. Thanks to their extraordinary eyesight and intellience, the drgaons can respond to messages almost instantaneously so long as the messenger is within their vision. The dragons also use Flash Code outside of battle for basic communication with their trainers and fellow soldiers.

A sun symbol made of simple orange and red shapes
Aza Symbol simplified (color) by Aster Blackwell
Hot; Aza
Celestial Core
Genetic Ancestor(s)
70 years
Conservation Status

Critically Endangered

The species was almost entirely wiped out after the conflict between Khetzala and Shef Razid. It is uncertain if the species can make a comeback.

Average Height
5.5 feet at the shoulder
Average Weight
250 lbs
Average Length
8 ft (omitting 4 ft tail)
Average Wingspan
18 feet
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Same colorations as Plains Racers, with more common instances of bright reds and golds

Cover image: Artistic Depiction of Solar Dragon Wings by Aster Blackwell


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