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Floatbeasts are a category of Glowfauna that include species that float or fly via Glow. They might have body parts that look like wings, but none have wings that would work without the help of Glow. Notably, floatbeasts do not possess dragon wings, though some of them might have components that look similar.

Basic Information


Floatbeasts are very light with simple, streamlined anatomy. Most floatbeasts are small to medium sized, with only a few notable exceptions.

Floatbeasts have a proportionately high amount of edylium in their bodies and tend to have much more advanced celestial nexuses than other Glowbeasts. Interestingly, the majority of floatbeasts do not have celestial cores.

There are three subclasses of floatbeast, defined by the altitude that they prefer to frequent. Floatbeasts within the same subclass tend to have similar anatomical characteristics.

Cloud Class

Preferred Altitude: Anywhere 10,000 feet and higher

Cloud class floatbeasts are the least understood class, as many species never ever land! These creatures are quite small and spend their entire lives soaring thousands of feet from the ground. They are so light that even when they die, there is no guarantee that they will fall to the surface.

There are a few species of Median class floatbeast that will reach Cloud class altitudes, but they are not considered to be Cloud class because they do not spend the majority of their time at this height.

Median Class

Preferred Altitude: Between 1,000 and 10,000 feet

The most common class of floatbeast is the Median class. It is also the most diverse class and contains herbivores, scavengers, and predators. These animals spend the majority of their lives in the air, but do land on the ground from time to time. All species of Sky Ray are Median class floatbeasts.

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Hover Class

Preferred Altitude: 1,000 feet and below

The second most common class of floatbeast is the Hover class. Hover class floatbeasts are often slow moving and less intelligent than Median-class beasts. Some Hover class species float just barely above the ground, and many of them have semi-grounded lives and only float for part of the time. Hover class floatbeasts are very diverse and participate in many ecological niches. Most carnivorous Hover class floatbeasts are ambush predators, and certain species are dangerous to people.

Ecology and Habitats

Varieties of floatbeast exist all over the world. There are migratory species and species that prefer to stay in one location. There are species that spend part of their lives on the ground and species that never land, even after death. The different habitats that floatbeasts can exist in are just as diverse as the animals themselves.

Floatbeasts play an important role in the health of the biosphere. They are especially important to the edylium cycle. Almost every ecosystem has some type of floatbeast in it.

Genetic Descendants
Geographic Distribution
Material | Nov 23, 2023

Luminous element present in all Glowflora and Glowfauna that allows them to access Aura

Symbiotic and Parasitic Species

Floatflora has a critical relationship with floatbeasts, especially Cloud class beasts. They will filter-feed floatflora from the air and spread their seeds via their feces.

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