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Gender reveal of Kauteirin


In order to hide from getting send to the war, Kauteirin had joined the Sister of the Weaver in the disguise of a woman. He ended up having an affair with Farinwél, a soldier passing by, but they were caught and forced into marrying each other. (For more information, see: Secret conversations in the temple of Áfawarsal). Thus Kauteirin came to live in the army camp as Farinwel's wife. No one knew about his true gender, save for his husband.  

Suprise reunion

The army had taken an important war captive, that was brought into the camp. Unexpectedly, it turned out that he was Daursan, Kauteirin's twin brother.   In order to plea for his brother, and possibly free him, Kauteirin decided to finally tell his true story to the captain of the camp. The captain was moved by the tragic story, and Kauteirin's honesty, and promissed to not punish them for the crime of deceit, and to judge his brother fairly. However, he also mandated, that Kauteirin should reveal his gender, and take up the responsibilities of a soldier from now on.  


Thus, one morning Kauteirin put on the armor and joined the other men on the march. All the men of the camp were surprised, and they were eager to know what had happened. Why was Kauteirin joining the soldiers? Was he really a man? How had he lived as a woman for so long?

Rumors started spreading through the camp, causing much confusion, and soon many of the soldiers thought, that he was infact a woman, who had decided to take up the role of a man to help in the war effort.  


To clear up some of the confusion and questions, and to not have to answer the same questions over and over, one night Kauteirin sang the full story of him and his brother to his closest men in the camp. This is considered as the first public performance of the Songs of Daursan and Kauteirin.
by Tuisku (J.D. Beazley & Vassil, photos)
Kauteirin meets Farinwél in a forest.
Kauteirin is foraging, while Farinwél is hunting. Kauteirin covers his face to conseal his gender. The vines encircling them is a common symbol of love in Faren art.
Authoring Date
36 BFS


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