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Into Shadows, Out of Darkness

Long ago, when the fey of the Prime Material Plane ventured into the Plane of Shadow, they were called the Shadow Fey. But when their queen led a powerful ritual to bind the planes, sorcerers intervened. The queen was cast into shadow, and her people became conduits between planes, known as Shadar-Kai. The Shadowfell was born. Now, these resilient and enigmatic creatures wander the darkness with a fierce determination to uphold their will and the will of their dark mistress, the Raven Queen. With their punk-rock sensibility and deep connection to the power of shadows, they stand as a testament to the unyielding spirit of the Shadar-Kai race.  

Basic Information


The Shadar-Kai are unmistakably Elven, with long and slender frames, nimble fingers, and pointed ears, echoing their common ancestor. However, unlike other Elves, they are irrevocably bound to the Shadowfell, and bear the hallmarks of their bleak and twisted environment. Their once-gleaming skin is now ashen, their eyes the color of smoky quartz. They are often clad in dark leathers, bearing weapons and trinkets adorned with the iconography of death and the afterlife. Shadar-Kai are attuned to the ebb and flow of the Shadowfell, their moods and dispositions echoing the tides of that dark realm.

Genetics and Reproduction

Shadar-Kai's genetic makeup is complex, influenced by their fey and shadow heritage. When mating with non-elves, Half-Elf offspring are common, while mating with other elves rarely results in Shadar-Kai offspring. However, unusual unions have produced extraordinary offspring, like Tah'Caluss Yorn's half-elf/half-dragon child or his Tiefling younger brother. These exceptional cases highlight the Shadar-Kai's ability to adapt and survive, even in the most unlikely circumstances. It is rumored that the Queen of the Shadow Fey herself had offspring with a powerful demon, leading to speculation about the nature of the Shadar-Kai's true origins. Regardless, their unique abilities and resilience make them a force to be reckoned with in the Shadowfell and beyond.

Growth Rate & Stages

Shadar-Kai growth and maturation differs from other elves. Their childhood is marked by a sense of melancholy and darkness, as they are born into the twisted and bleak world of the Shadowfell. However, as they grow, they learn to channel their innate connection to the plane, becoming adept at manipulating shadows and darkness.   Physically, Shadar-Kai mature at the same rate as humans, but they experience an extended lifespan, living up to several centuries. Their outward appearance remains youthful and unchanged for much of their lives, allowing them to blend in with other races when they visit the Prime Material Plane.   As they age, Shadar-Kai become increasingly introspective and brooding, their thoughts turning to the mysteries of death and the afterlife. They often seek out isolated places to meditate on these topics, becoming wise and contemplative in their old age. Some Shadar-Kai even take on the role of death wardens, helping to usher souls into the afterlife with reverence and respect.   Despite their fascination with death, Shadar-Kai are not morbid or nihilistic. They value life and see it as a precious gift, knowing all too well the darkness that can consume it. As such, they are fiercely protective of their kin and allies, willing to go to great lengths to ensure their safety.


Shadar-Kai are known for their individualistic and adaptable nature. They have a strong sense of self-preservation and are fiercely independent. They often form small, tight-knit groups, and loyalty is highly valued. Shadar-Kai are opportunistic, and their cunning minds allow them to thrive in the often treacherous environment of the Shadowfell.   Although many Shadar-Kai resent their curse, some embrace it and view it as a source of power. They are often drawn to darker magic and are not afraid to use it to achieve their goals. Their rituals and traditions are deeply intertwined with their connection to the Shadowfell, and they often incorporate elements of darkness and shadow into their practices.   Despite their sometimes-morose demeanor, Shadar-Kai are not inherently evil. They have a complex moral code and value justice and fairness. However, their perception of what is right and wrong may differ from other races, and they may take extreme actions to achieve their goals. Overall, Shadar-Kai are a mysterious and intriguing race, steeped in darkness and shadow, but with a resilience and adaptability that allows them to survive and thrive in the harshest of environments.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Shadar-Kai culture is steeped in dark rituals and symbolism. They often wear dark clothing, adorned with flamboyant tattoos and piercings. Their culture values individuality, ambition, and adaptability, as well as strength, loyalty, and devotion to the Raven Queen. While their elven ancestors were known for their connection to nature, Shadar-Kai focus on the darker side of things, embracing the shadows and the unpredictable nature of the Shadowfell.   Their rituals and traditions are often corrupted versions of ancient elven customs, adapted to suit the Shadar-Kai's bond to the Shadowfell. Despite this, they are not inherently evil and many Shadar-Kai reject the darker aspects of their culture, choosing to leave and seek a different path. Those who wish to leave often require magical items such as the gal-ralan or blackstone shards to facilitate their departure. Overall, Shadar-Kai culture is a unique blend of ancient elven traditions and the darker influences of the Shadowfell, creating a complex and intriguing society.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Shadar-Kai possess exceptional sensory capabilities that have evolved to suit their harsh environment in the Shadowfell. Their pointed ears can pick up the slightest sound, and their eyes have adapted to the dim and gloomy conditions of the Shadowfell, allowing them to see even in near-complete darkness. This heightened perception extends to their sense of touch, as they are able to detect even the slightest shift in the air around them.   When visiting the Prime Material Plane, their sensory abilities are even more heightened, allowing them to detect things that other races might miss. They are especially adept at sensing magic, able to pick up on subtle magical energies and auras. In addition, Shadar-Kai are able to share their Trance ability with other elves through a Ritual of Complement called Reverie. During this ritual, they enter a trance-like state that allows them to share their perceptions and knowledge with other participants, making them valuable assets to any party.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

In addition to the Murkwrought Marauders, there are three major Shadar-Kai organizations in Rolara. The first is the Cenfidyliath (ken-VID-uh-lee-ath), or the "Whisperers of the Night." This organization is made up of Shadar-Kai who have honed their skills as spies and assassins. They use their connection to the Shadowfell to move in the darkness undetected, and their ability to communicate with each other through whispers allows them to coordinate their efforts seamlessly.   The second organization is the Gwylltaeth (GWIL-thayth), or the "Spirits of the Forest." This group of Shadar-Kai are in touch with their elven roots and have a deep reverence for nature. They work to protect the forests and other natural areas of the Shadowfell from the encroachment of darkness and corruption.   Finally, there is the Dychrynllyd (dik-rin-THLID), or the "Torchbearers of Hope." This group of Shadar-Kai are dedicated to spreading light and hope in the Shadowfell. They work to provide aid and comfort to those affected by the darkness, and seek to push back against the forces of evil that threaten to overwhelm their realm.   Each of these organizations has its own unique traditions, rituals, and codes of conduct, but all share a deep connection to their Shadar-Kai heritage and a commitment to upholding the values of their people.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

When the Shadow Fey became the Shadar-Kai, it was a sudden process, unlike the gradual change of the Fey who eventually became the Eladrin. When the Shadar-Kai were born, they had little sense of identity, and lacked guidance or structure. They fought among themselves, and blamed each other for the interference in the Raven Queen's ritual.
  Soon after, however, the Queen sent her ravens out into the plane of shadow. Curious, the Shadar-Kai would travel after the birds, following them to wherever the Raven Queen wanted them to go. They would observe, and take some trinket back with them. The bird would always show them how to offer their trinket, and the memory, to the Raven Queen.
  Some Shadar-Kai were fascinated by the proposition of freeing themselves from their cycle of rebirth. To that end, they would wear a gal-ralan, or investigate the teachings of Kano. Some would seek the silt from the bottom of the River Styx, said to contain the memories of the poor souls who have been lost in its waters, with the belief that these rare memories could be traded to the Raven Queen in exhange for true death.
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Scientific Name
No upward limit; 750 years average
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