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Raven Queen

In the realm of the Raven Queen, a mysterious and beautiful Archfey, secrets and memories abound. She once ruled the Shadow Fey and led them in a ritual to bind the Plane of Shadow to the Prime Material Plane. However, the ritual was corrupted, resulting in the creation of the Shadowfell and the Shadar-Kai. The Queen of Ravens transformed into a Lesser Power, but her affinity for ravens remained strong as they became the symbol of her influence.   Her war with Banoranthae, another powerful Archfey, began when she attempted to merge the Prime Material Plane with the Plane of Shadows. This conflict saw numerous turning points, culminating in the formation of the Moonwilde, a unique plane nestled within a small crystal sphere. This plane was created in response to the Raven Queen's meddling and became a symbol of retaliation by the Fey Courts.   The Moonwilde's creation had significant consequences for the Shadar-Kai and the Raven Queen. Separated from the Prime Material Plane, it retained its magical qualities even when the Stars of Power were extinguished. This act of defiance further imbalanced Nature, binding the Shadar-Kai in shadow for over 1500 years.   Throughout her journey, the Raven Queen encountered several unique Shadar-Kai characters. Among them was Eris Shadowwhisper, a skilled assassin who worshipped the Raven Queen for her cunning and grace. Another was Nyra Ravenshadow, a powerful sorceress who dedicated her life to unraveling the mysteries of the Shadowfell in the name of the Raven Queen. These Shadar-Kai, like many others, found solace and purpose in serving the enigmatic queen.   The Raven Queen's relationship with other deities and Archfey, particularly Banoranthae, was strained by her attempts to merge the planes. Yet, she remained driven by her love for secrets, memories, and her ravens, which continued to serve as her eyes and ears throughout the realms.   Over time, the cultural and religious practices of the Shadar-Kai evolved to revere the Raven Queen, their powerful and mysterious leader. The Moonwilde's formation left its mark on their society, as they adapted to their new circumstances and sought to restore balance to Nature.   Through it all, the Raven Queen's beauty, femininity, and incorporeal nature remained a constant, making her an enigmatic and captivating figure in the complex tapestry of the multiverse.

Divine Domains

  1. Death Domain: As a deity intricately connected to the cycle of life and death, the Raven Queen holds dominion over the forces that govern mortality. She guides the souls of the departed and oversees the transition from life to the afterlife or reincarnation. Clerics of the Death Domain serve as conduits for this divine power, wielding it to both heal and harm as they maintain the natural order.
  3. Grave Domain: The Raven Queen is a guardian of the border between life and death, ensuring that the balance between these forces is maintained. Clerics who serve the Grave Domain channel the power of their deity to protect the sanctity of the dead, prevent the rise of undead, and lay restless spirits to rest.
  5. Knowledge Domain: With her affinity for secrets, memories, and hidden knowledge, the Raven Queen is closely tied to the domain of knowledge. Clerics of the Knowledge Domain serve her by seeking out lost or forgotten information, using their divine gifts to decipher ancient texts and unravel the mysteries of the multiverse.
  7. Trickery Domain: The enigmatic nature of the Raven Queen and her connection to shadows, secrets, and hidden truths aligns her with the Trickery Domain. Clerics of this domain employ deception, illusion, and subtlety to further the goals of their goddess, navigating the shifting currents of the cosmos with cunning and guile.
  9. Shadow Domain: As a deity deeply connected to the Shadowfell and the essence of shadows themselves, the Raven Queen holds sway over the Shadow Domain. Clerics who serve this domain draw upon the power of darkness and shadow, wielding it to both obscure and reveal, and to manipulate the balance between light and darkness in the world.

Holy Books & Codes

After the creation of the Shadowfell, the Holy Books and Codes serve as a testament to her influence and divine guidance. Over time, her devoted Shadar-Kai followers and other loyal subjects compiled these sacred texts, drawing from divine messages and their own experiences in the shadowy plane.  
  1. The Tome of Shadows: This ancient and revered book contains the foundational beliefs, rituals, and practices of the Raven Queen's followers. The Tome of Shadows delves into the mysteries of the Shadowfell, providing insight into its creation and the Queen's transformation. It also explains the significance of ravens as the symbols of the Raven Queen's power and her eternal connection to secrets and memories.
  3. The Book of Whispered Memories : A collection of personal accounts, stories, and testimonies from devoted followers of the Raven Queen, this book emphasizes the importance of memories and secrets in her teachings. It shares the experiences of Shadar-Kai who found solace and purpose in their service to the Queen, offering inspiration and guidance to those who walk the same path.
  5. The Codex of Veiled Truths: This cryptic text is a compilation of riddles, prophecies, and enigmatic revelations attributed to the Raven Queen and her divine messengers. The Codex encourages followers to seek out hidden knowledge, unravel the mysteries of the multiverse, and strive for balance between light and darkness. The text is believed to contain clues to the Queen's ultimate goals and her role in the cosmic balance.
  7. The Chronicles of the Moonwilde: Detailing the events and consequences of the war between the Raven Queen and Banoranthae, this historical account sheds light on the formation of the Moonwilde and its impact on the planes. The Chronicles serve as both a cautionary tale and a testament to the resilience of the Shadar-Kai and their queen in the face of adversity.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

  1. The Shadowed Raven: The most prominent symbol of the Raven Queen, the Shadowed Raven represents her eternal connection to secrets, memories, and the realm of shadows. Depicted as a raven silhouetted against a dark moon or a shadowy background, this symbol is often used by her followers in religious ceremonies and as a personal emblem of devotion.
  3. The Veil of Mystery: Symbolizing the Raven Queen's enigmatic nature and her love for hidden knowledge, the Veil of Mystery is an intricate design featuring a partially obscured face, often with raven feathers incorporated into the pattern. This sigil serves as a reminder to followers that the path to understanding the divine is filled with secrets waiting to be unveiled.
  5. The Entwined Souls: Representing the bond between the Shadar-Kai and the Shadowfell, the Entwined Souls is a symbol depicting two intertwined figures, one representing the Prime Material Plane, and the other representing the Plane of Shadow. This sigil symbolizes the Shadar-Kai's unique connection to both planes, as well as their eternal service to the Raven Queen.
  7. The Moonwilde Rune: A symbol inspired by the events of the war between the Raven Queen and Banoranthae, the Moonwilde Rune combines elements of the Feywild and the Shadowfell. Depicting a crescent moon entangled in vines and shadowy tendrils, this emblem is a reminder of the struggle for balance between light and darkness, and the role the Raven Queen plays in this cosmic dance.

Tenets of Faith

  1. Embrace the Shadows: Followers of the Raven Queen are encouraged to accept the darkness and shadows within themselves and the world around them. Understanding the balance between light and darkness is essential to comprehending the Raven Queen's teachings and finding inner peace.
  3. Seek Hidden Knowledge: The pursuit of secrets and mysteries is a key aspect of the Raven Queen's faith. Her followers are encouraged to unravel the unknown and delve into the depths of forgotten lore, using their discoveries to grow and evolve on their spiritual path.
  5. Preserve Memories: The Raven Queen values memories and the stories they hold. Her followers are expected to protect and honor the memories of the past, both their own and those of others, as they carry the essence of life and the wisdom of the ages.
  7. Respect the Cycle of Life and Death: The Shadar-Kai's unique connection to both the Prime Material Plane and the Shadowfell symbolizes the cycle of life and death. The Raven Queen's followers must honor and respect this cycle, acknowledging the natural order of the universe and the role their deity plays in maintaining it.
  9. Serve the Queen of Ravens: Devotion to the Raven Queen is paramount for her followers. They are expected to serve her faithfully, carrying out her will and promoting her influence throughout the planes. In doing so, they maintain the balance between light and darkness and work towards the greater goals of their enigmatic queen.
  11. Practice Discretion: As the goddess of secrets and memories, the Raven Queen values discretion and subtlety. Her followers are encouraged to exercise prudence in their actions, ensuring that they protect the secrets they hold and maintain the delicate balance of power in the cosmos.
  13. Nurture the Bond of Souls: The Shadar-Kai's unique bond with the Shadowfell and the Prime Material Plane is central to their identity and faith. Followers of the Raven Queen must nurture this bond, allowing it to guide their actions and strengthen their connection to their deity.
  15. Cherish the Ravens: Ravens are sacred creatures in the faith of the Raven Queen, symbolizing her presence and acting as her messengers. Followers must treat these birds with reverence and protect them as symbols of their divine queen's power.
  17. Be Adaptable: The ever-changing nature of shadows and the balance between light and darkness require adaptability and resilience. Followers of the Raven Queen must learn to navigate the shifting currents of the cosmos, embracing change and growth as they walk the path of their faith.
  19. Strive for Balance: Above all, the Raven Queen's tenets emphasize the importance of balance in the universe. Her followers must strive to maintain equilibrium in their lives and the world around them, working to uphold the delicate harmony that exists between light and darkness, life and death, and the countless planes of existence.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

  1. Balance of Light and Darkness: The Raven Queen seeks to maintain a delicate equilibrium between the forces of light and darkness, understanding that both are essential to the harmony of the multiverse. She works to counterbalance any disruptions to this balance, ensuring that neither force becomes too dominant.
  3. Preservation of Secrets and Memories: As the guardian of secrets and memories, the Raven Queen aims to protect the hidden knowledge of the cosmos. She endeavors to safeguard the wisdom contained within these memories, ensuring that they are not lost or misused by those who would exploit them for nefarious purposes.
  5. Protection of the Shadar-Kai and the Shadowfell: The Raven Queen is deeply connected to her Shadar-Kai followers and the realm of the Shadowfell. One of her primary goals is to defend both from any threats or corruption, preserving their unique bond and the essence of the Plane of Shadow.
  7. Restoration of the Moonwilde: The Raven Queen continues to seek a way to restore the balance disrupted by the creation of the Moonwilde, understanding that this event has had lasting effects on the planes and her followers. She strives to repair the damage done and bring harmony back to the Feywild and the Shadowfell.
  9. Guidance of Lost Souls: The Raven Queen has a deep connection to the cycle of life and death, and she seeks to guide lost souls through the process of reincarnation or their journey to the afterlife. By doing so, she maintains the natural order of the universe and ensures the continuity of existence.
  11. Unveiling Hidden Truths: The Raven Queen is driven to uncover the hidden truths of the multiverse, seeking knowledge that has been obscured or forgotten. She encourages her followers to do the same, believing that the pursuit of enlightenment and understanding will lead to greater wisdom and spiritual growth.
  13. Promotion of Growth and Adaptation: The ever-shifting nature of shadows and the balance of light and darkness require constant growth and adaptation. The Raven Queen encourages her followers to embrace change, evolve, and develop resilience in the face of adversity, ultimately becoming stronger and wiser for it.
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