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Murkwrought Marauders

Riffs of Rebellion: Anarchy Unleashed in the Shadowfell

In the shadowy realm of the Shadowfell, where darkness holds sway and the lines between life and death blur, the Murkwrought Marauders have carved a name for themselves as a formidable and ruthless faction. Led by the enigmatic Tah'Caluss Yorn, the Master of Darkness, these rebellious Shadar-Kai have pledged their allegiance to the Raven Queen and dedicated their lives to upholding her will. Bound by a code of strength, loyalty, and unwavering devotion, these skilled warriors, assassins, and mages harness the power of shadows to impose their will on the world. With a culture steeped in individualism, ambition, and adaptability, the Marauders embrace their punk-rock essence while celebrating the ancient traditions of their people. As they navigate the treacherous landscape of the Shadowfell, the Murkwrought Marauders stand as a testament to the resilience, cunning, and defiance of the Shadar-Kai race. This is their story - of darkness, fate, and the indomitable spirit that drives them ever forward.


Master of the Marauders

The central figure of power, he holds the highest authority in the faction, also called the Master of Darkness. Master of the Marauders is a title that is self-proclaimed; but the claim must be backed up with support from the Marauders as a whole.  

Advisor Circles

First Circle - The Cruarchan
The innermost circle of advisors, consisting of a few trusted lieutenants with unique talents and expertise. They are responsible for executing Tah'Caluss Yorn's most critical plans and strategies.  
Second Circle - The Gwylltaeth
Comprised of skilled tacticians, assassins, and spies, this circle is responsible for covert missions, intelligence gathering, and maintaining internal order. Their loyalty to Tah'Caluss is unyielding, and they are feared for their ruthlessness.  
Third Circle - The Duladron
This circle consists of experienced warriors and mages who lead the Marauders in battle and contribute to the faction's overall strength. They are experts in various combat styles and magical disciplines, making them a formidable force in any conflict.  
Fourth Circle - The Cysgodfaol
As the faction's emissaries and diplomats, this circle is responsible for maintaining relations with royalty and other external organizations. They are skilled negotiators and manipulators, adept at navigating the complex world of politics and intrigue.


Core Beliefs and Customs

Devotion to the Raven Queen
At the heart of the Marauders' culture is their unwavering devotion to the Raven Queen, the deity they serve. They believe in her teachings of fate, destiny, and the balance between life and death. Rituals, offerings, and ceremonies honoring the Raven Queen are woven into the daily lives of the Marauders, and her guidance shapes their actions and decisions.  
Reverence for Shadows
The Murkwrought Marauders embrace the darkness and shadows, drawing their power and influence from the Shadowfell. They view the darkness as a source of strength, stealth, and protection. As such, their customs often involve utilizing shadow magic, adorning themselves with dark clothing and armor, and even incorporating shadow motifs into their art and architecture.  
Individualism and Ambition
The Marauders, as Shadar-Kai, are known for their rebellious and individualistic nature. They celebrate personal achievements and encourage ambition among their members. This focus on personal growth and success leads to a competitive atmosphere within the faction, driving its members to constantly strive for Greater Power, skill, and influence.  
Code of Strength and Loyalty
While the Marauders are fiercely independent, they also adhere to a code of strength and loyalty. They respect those who display prowess in combat, cunning in strategy, or mastery of shadow magic. Loyalty to one's allies and the faction as a whole is paramount, and betrayal is met with swift and brutal punishment.  
Adaptability and Resourcefulness
The Marauders pride themselves on their ability to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of the Shadowfell. They have developed a culture that values resourcefulness, creativity, and cunning. This adaptability allows them to face the myriad challenges and dangers of their environment with confidence and determination.  
Secrecy and Deception
Given the clandestine nature of their operations and their connection to the shadows, the Marauders place a high value on secrecy and deception. Their culture encourages the development of skills in stealth, espionage, and manipulation, and they take great pride in their ability to operate unseen and undetected.

Public Agenda

Goals and Motivations

Uphold the Will of the Raven Queen
The Marauders' primary goal is to serve the Raven Queen and uphold her will. They believe in her teachings of fate, destiny, and the balance between life and death. By following her guidance and enacting her plans, they aim to maintain this delicate balance and protect the natural order.  
Expand Influence and Power
The Marauders are driven by a desire to expand their influence and power within the Shadowfell and beyond. They seek to control strategic territories, forge alliances, and eliminate threats to their dominance. By doing so, they aim to secure their position and ensure the continued prosperity of their faction.  
Promote Shadar-Kai Superiority
The Marauders believe in the superiority of the Shadar-Kai race and their connection to the Raven Queen. They strive to demonstrate the prowess and cunning of their people through their actions, both in combat and in their political dealings. They seek to elevate the Shadar-Kai's status among other races and prove their worthiness as the chosen followers of the Raven Queen.  
Combat Corruption and Undeath
The Marauders hold a deep-seated hatred for the forces of corruption and undeath that pervade the Shadowfell. They view these forces as a perversion of the natural order and a threat to the balance of life and death. They actively combat these entities, working tirelessly to eradicate their influence and preserve the sanctity of the realms.  
Preserve Shadar-Kai Traditions
The Marauders are dedicated to preserving the ancient customs and traditions of the Shadar-Kai. They believe that these traditions hold the key to their people's strength and resilience. They actively promote the practice of these customs, ensuring that they are passed down to future generations and never forgotten.


Wealth and Resources

Arvanshad: The City of Forest Shade
The Marauders have established their stronghold in Arvanshad, a mythical city of fey that exists only in the Shadowfell. Once ruled by Shadar-Kai royalty, the city is now under the control of the Marauders, who have claimed its resources and strategic location for their own purposes.  
Fel Serinodel: The Ruined Castle
At the heart of Arvanshad lies Fel Serinodel, the Elvish name for the ruined castle that once housed the city's Shadar-Kai royalty. The castle now serves as the primary base of operations for the Marauders, providing them with a well-defended stronghold from which they can coordinate their activities and manage their assets.  
Silver and Gold
The Marauders have amassed significant wealth through their conquests, trade deals, and various other endeavors. Their coffers are filled with Silver and Gold, as well as precious gems and other valuable commodities.  
Buildings and Infrastructure
Within Arvanshad and its surrounding territories, the Marauders control a number of key buildings and infrastructure. These include guild halls, training facilities, and marketplaces, all of which are designed to facilitate their operations and promote their influence.  
Troops and Equipment
The Marauders boast a formidable military force, composed of elite warriors, assassins, and spellcasters. They are equipped with high-quality weapons and armor, much of which is imbued with powerful enchantments to enhance their combat prowess.  
Magical Artifacts and Relics
In their pursuit of power and knowledge, the Marauders have acquired an impressive collection of magical artifacts and relics. These items hold immense power and are often utilized by the faction's leaders and spellcasters to further their objectives.  
Ships and Transportation
The Marauders maintain a fleet of swift and deadly vessels, both for naval combat and for transportation across the Shadowfell's treacherous waters. In addition, they possess various magical means of transportation, such as teleportation circles and shadow-stepping, allowing them to move quickly and stealthily across vast distances.  

Currency and Transactions

  The Murkwrought Marauders, being a rebellious and resourceful faction of Shadar-Kai, have developed their own unique currency system to conduct transactions both within and outside their organization. This currency, known as "Gwythraer," is a combination of physical coinage and a more mystical form of trade, reflecting the Shadar-Kai's connection to the Shadowfell and their fey origins.  
Gwythraer Coinage
The Marauders' physical currency consists of coins made from a rare and durable metal found only in the Shadowfell, known as "Duscaebron." These coins are engraved with intricate designs that symbolize the Marauders' allegiance to the Raven Queen and their faction's values. The denominations of Gwythraer coinage are as follows:
  1. Caerfenn: The lowest denomination, made of copper, equivalent to a copper piece in standard D&D 5e currency.
  2. Sidhara: A mid-value coin, made of Silver, equivalent to a silver piece.
  3. Eilthire: A higher value coin, made of electrum, equivalent to an electrum piece.
  4. Gwaelod: A higher value coin, made of Gold, equivalent to a gold piece.
  5. Plaenys: The highest denomination, made of platinum, equivalent to a platinum piece.
Mystical Trade: Essences of Shadow
In addition to the physical coinage, the Marauders also trade in a more mystical form of currency known as "Essences of Shadow." These are intangible, magical fragments of energy from the Shadowfell, which can be used to empower magical items, spells, and rituals. Skilled Shadar-Kai can extract and bind these essences, allowing them to be traded and utilized as a valuable resource. Essences of Shadow are often used for high-value transactions and are considered a more prestigious form of currency among the Marauders.


Predominant Religion: Worship of the Raven Queen

  The primary religion followed by the members of the Murkwrought Marauders is the worship of the Raven Queen, the goddess of death, fate, and shadows. As Shadar-Kai, the Marauders are intrinsically connected to the Raven Queen, who is responsible for their existence and ties to the Shadowfell. Tah'Caluss Yorn himself is a fervent devotee of the Raven Queen and expects the members of his faction to uphold her tenets and pay homage to her Dark Majesty.   The worship of the Raven Queen holds considerable power within the Marauders' society, influencing their beliefs, customs, and traditions. Many rituals, ceremonies, and celebrations are dedicated to honoring her and seeking her guidance or favor. Prominent members of the faction, such as the High Circle of Advisors, often hold positions within the religious hierarchy, reinforcing the connection between the Marauders and their patron deity.  

Other Religions and Forbidden Faiths

  While the worship of the Raven Queen is the predominant faith within the Murkwrought Marauders, other religions may be present among the members, especially for those who have joined the faction from other backgrounds or planes. However, these alternative faiths are typically tolerated only as long as they do not conflict with the core beliefs and objectives of the Marauders or the Raven Queen.   Worship of Banoranthae, the goddess of Magic, is considered taboo among the Marauders. Tah'Caluss Yorn despises Banoranthae because her emphasis on magical growth and balance between the Prime Material Plane and the Moonwilde goes against the Raven Queen's teachings and the Marauders' punk-rock nature. The goddess's focus on magical heritage and preservation directly clashes with the Marauders' subversive and rebellious ideals, which prioritize individualism and defiance.   Members of the Second Circle, the Gwylltaeth, are tasked with rooting out Banoranthae worshipers and other forbidden faiths. They employ their skills in espionage and assassination to monitor and enforce the faction's religious restrictions, ensuring that no rival deity can undermine the Raven Queen's influence within the Marauders.   Religions that openly defy the Raven Queen or promote values that clash with the Marauders' punk-rock ethos are generally forbidden or considered taboo within the faction. Worshipers of such deities, including Banoranthae, may face persecution, punishment, or even expulsion from the Marauders if discovered. Similarly, cults or sects that seek to undermine the Raven Queen's influence or challenge Tah'Caluss Yorn's authority are strictly prohibited and dealt with harshly by the faction's enforcers, such as the Gwylltaeth.   The Marauders' approach to religion reflects their rebellious and punk-rock nature, while also preserving their deep-rooted connection to the Raven Queen and the Shadowfell. This dynamic provides opportunities for storytelling, intrigue, and conflict within the faction's society, as well as shaping their interactions with other groups and individuals in the world.


Creation and Documentation of Laws

  In the Marauders' society, laws are primarily created and documented by the High Circle of Advisors, who serve under Tah'Caluss Yorn. The advisors draw upon their knowledge and experience to craft laws that maintain order and stability within the faction while preserving their rebellious and punk-rock nature. These laws are often unconventional, reflecting the unique and subversive values of the Shadar-Kai.   The laws are then reviewed and approved by Tah'Caluss Yorn before they are officially implemented. As a testament to their punk-rock essence, the laws are documented in the form of elaborate tattoos on the bodies of the High Circle of Advisors, making them living symbols of the Marauders' legal system.  

Enforcement and Punishments

  The enforcement of the Marauders' laws is primarily the responsibility of the Blackwing Enforcers, a group of fierce Shadar-Kai warriors and agents who embody the faction's punk-rock ethos. They are trained in various forms of combat, stealth, and investigation, and their appearance is often adorned with piercings, tattoos, and spiked armor that reflect their subversive nature.   Punishments for breaking the Marauders' laws can vary depending on the severity of the crime and the circumstances surrounding it. Some common punishments include:  
  1. Shadowbranding: A magical mark placed on the offender, signifying their crime and ostracizing them from the community in a punk-rock fashion.
  2. Fines or confiscation of assets: Monetary penalties or the seizure of property to repay damages caused by the crime, often in the form of rare and unconventional treasures or artifacts.
  3. Banishment: Expulsion from the faction and its territories, with the offender's name forever etched in a "wall of shame" within Fel Serinodel.
  4. Punk-rock Penance: The offender is required to perform a daring or rebellious act to prove their loyalty and commitment to the Marauders' cause.

Flexibility and Escaping the Law

  The Marauders' legal system acknowledges the rebellious and individualistic nature of the Shadar-Kai, and as such, the enforcement of the law can be flexible and adaptive to individual circumstances. Acts of defiance or subversion can sometimes be seen as demonstrations of loyalty to the faction's punk-rock spirit, and the law may be lenient or even reward such acts if they ultimately serve the interests of the Marauders.   However, this flexibility can also create tension and conflict within the faction, as some members may take advantage of the system to pursue their own agendas or challenge the established order. This dynamic can create a lively and unpredictable atmosphere within the Marauders' society, driving the narrative and creating opportunities for intrigue and adventure.

"No Light, No Fear"

Geopolitical, Band
Alternative Names
Duscaerion, or Darkborn
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Gwythraer Coinage
  1. Caerfenn: Copper piece.
  2. Sidhara: Silver piece.
  3. Eilthire: Electrum piece.
  4. Gwaelod: Gold piece.
  5. Plaenys: Platinum piece.
Official State Religion
Controlled Territories
Related Species


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