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Astral Elf

From Beyond the Stars

In the boundless expanse of the Astral Plane, amidst the swirling silvery sea of stars, dwell the enigmatic Astral Elves. These celestial beings, born from Eladrin offspring who sought the wisdom of their eldest kin and divine connection, have transcended the limitations of their terrestrial brethren. Gazing into their eyes is like peering into the mysteries of the cosmos itself, as the night sky shimmers within them. As you walk the path of an Astral Elf or Weave their stories into your world, you will discover an ancient race that has embraced the ethereal wonders of the Astral Plane, forging a unique destiny among the stars. Mastering the art of Spelljammer travel, they have ventured far and wide, encountering both awe-inspiring marvels and formidable adversaries. With their innate connection to the thoughts of innumerable worlds, Astral Elves bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, making them invaluable allies or enigmatic foes. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey through the cosmos with the Astral Elves of Rolara.

Basic Information


Born of Eladrin and shaped by the ethereal reaches of the Astral Plane, the Astral Elves bear an otherworldly beauty that transcends mortal comprehension. Their form is a sublime testament to their celestial heritage, combining the grace of their Elven ancestors with a spectral grandeur that radiates the mysteries of the cosmos.   The Astral Elves stand tall, their lithe figures an echo of terrestrial Elf kind, yet they possess a physical radiance unseen in their earthly kin. Their skin seems to shimmer, subtly reflecting the silvery hues of the astral sea that is their home. It is as though they have absorbed the very essence of the Astral Plane into their beings, becoming living embodiments of the infinite expanse of stars and cosmic energy.   Their eyes, deep and luminous, bear a distinct astral quality. It is said that to gaze into an Astral Elf's eyes is to peer into the cosmos itself. They shimmer with the light of distant stars, galaxies, and nebulae. The depths of their gaze seem to hold a vastness that mirrors the endless expanse of the Astral Plane, offering a glimpse of the ancient wisdom and knowledge they have gathered over countless centuries.   Astral Elves are renowned for their lithe and agile bodies, honed by navigating the weightless environment of the Astral Plane. Their limbs are long and elegant, imbued with a spectral grace that allows them to move with an ethereal fluidity. This makes them formidable in combat, capable of swift and precise movements that can confound even the most seasoned warrior.   Their ears, much like their terrestrial counterparts, are elongated and pointed, a characteristic trait of their Elven ancestry. But they too bear an astral touch, often adorned with ethereal jewelry crafted from astral minerals and stardust, giving them an appearance akin to twinkling stars.   Even their hair seems to defy the conventions of the physical world. It flows like cosmic dust caught in a celestial wind, adding an ethereal elegance to their overall appearance. Their hair color varies widely, from the deepest black of the Void to the silvery glow of a star, and even hues that seem to change and shift like the nebulae.   On a more subtle note, Astral Elves possess a unique bio-energy signature, a resonance with the Astral Plane that is woven into the very fabric of their existence. This energy not only fuels their longevity, allowing them to live indefinitely on the Astral Plane, but also empowers their abilities to navigate and interact with the cosmic energies that permeate their home.   In sum, the Astral Elves are a celestial spectacle, a synthesis of Elven elegance and astral magnificence. Their physique is a mirror of the cosmos, a testament to their extraordinary journey among the stars, and a reflection of their unique destiny within the multiverse.

Biological Traits

Dietary Needs and Habits

Greetings, fellow travelers of the cosmos. As the resident physician aboard this Spelljammer, I have had the distinct privilege of tending to a multitude of species, each with their unique physiological intricacies. Among them, perhaps none are as captivating as the Astral Elves, who, with their celestial heritage and Fey ancestry, pose an intriguing question: what fuels these ethereal beings? What sustains them on their astral voyages?
— Dr. Celestien Starweaver
  The diet of the Astral Elves is an intriguing confluence of their Elven ancestry and their astral existence, reflecting the unique adaptation they have undergone in the ethereal expanse of the Astral Plane.   In their ancestral days as terrestrial Elves, their diet consisted primarily of what the forests and lands offered - berries, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and a modest amount of hunted game. The Fey world from which they emerged was a land of plenty, and the Elves were skilled in harnessing its bounty.   However, the transition to the Astral Plane necessitated a profound shift in their dietary habits. The Astral Plane, while rich in cosmic energy, is not abundant in conventional sustenance as on the Prime Material Plane. The Astral Elves, thus, adapted to harness the ethereal energies of the Astral Plane to sustain themselves.  
Don't mistake this for some form of astral photosynthesis, however. The process is far more mystical, tied intrinsically to the elves' spiritual essence. An Astral Elf doesn't simply ingest starlight or absorb ambient astral energy. Instead, they attune their inherent magic to the cosmic vibrations around them, drawing sustenance in a manner akin to how a bard might draw inspiration from a haunting melody or a poignant verse.
— Dr. Celestien Starweaver
  They have developed a form of sustenance that might be better described as energy consumption rather than conventional eating. This energy, ubiquitous in the Astral Plane, is absorbed and metabolized by the Astral Elves in a process that is as natural to them as breathing. This astral energy, suffused with the raw stuff of creation, serves to nourish them, obviating the need for traditional food and drink.   This is not to say that the Astral Elves have lost the capacity or the appreciation for more tangible forms of nourishment. When they choose to partake in the act of eating, it is often a ceremonial or communal event, a celebration of their terrestrial roots and an acknowledgement of their Fey heritage. They consume food not out of necessity, but as a form of social bonding, a testament to their past, and an act of enjoyment. These foods are often transported from the Material Plane or conjured through magical means, and the Astral Elves show a preference for foods that remind them of their terrestrial and Fey origins.  
The transition from Fey to Astral has also brought with it a shift from a primarily plant-based diet to a broader range of culinary possibilities. Whereas Fey creatures might draw energy from the most vibrant blossom or the ripest fruit, Astral Elves are capable of deriving nourishment from a variety of sources, both tangible and intangible, earthly and cosmic.
— Dr. Celestien Starweaver
  It is also worth noting that their Fey ancestry plays a significant role in their ability to subsist on astral energy. Fey creatures are inherently magical beings, closely tied to the fundamental forces of the world. This connection to the primordial powers of the universe has likely facilitated the Astral Elves' adaptation to life on the Astral Plane, enabling them to draw sustenance directly from the cosmic energies that pervade their new home.   Ultimately, the dietary habits of the Astral Elves demonstrate the profound adaptability of this celestial race. From their roots in the Fey world to their ascension to the Astral Plane, they have evolved to sustain themselves in an environment that is as ethereal as they are, while preserving the culinary traditions of their ancestors as a cherished cultural practice.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Primarily found in far flung locals throughout the Astral Plane, a few are known to dwell in Rolaraspace.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Xaryxian Empire

Average Technological Level

A species that mastered the use of Spelljammer travel early compared to other humanoids, the Astral Elves attracted many enemies across the cosmos. As a result of the many battles (and two wars in particular called the Supernatural Wars), they developed two terrible technologies.
  One was a weapon capable of destroying an entire world. It was used once, and never again. This resulted in the enemies of the Astral Elves to develop a terrifying world-devouring bio-weapon. To combat the bio-weapon, a highly focused society of elves developed the Spirit Warriors, a magically engineered species of giant undead insects that were one part Spelljammer and two parts deadly.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
750 years (indefinite on the Astral Plane)
Geographic Distribution
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