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Pirate ship

The soul of the crew.

Ship with a soul

A pirate ship is the most important possession of a Pirate crew. Without a ship the pirates cannot do their job, not pursue treasure, and not make a profit. The crew will fall apart sometimes with violance. For the crew the ship is their home. Taking care of the ship is of utmost important, because if you take care of the ship, the ship will take care of you. All pirates will argue that the ship has a soul, a personality of her own.

Brigantine by Clker-Free-Vector-images via Pixabay
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Pirate Flag on staff by Jacob-W

Ship type

Pirates have a preference to smaller, faster and more agile ships, which can out manoeuvre and outrun the coast guard, navy ships and a Pirate hunter. While still being able to carry enough guns and crew to scare merchant ships into surrendering.

In the age-of-sail this meant Brigantines and other ships of simular design. In the modern age pirates tend to use small high powered motor boats, speed boats, jet skies and skiffs.


Eventhough most pirates will claim their ship is the best, they have no scruples to upgrade to a better ship when the change presents itself. Also upgrades on armament are always ongoing.

If the pirates have any spare time and the equipment, they will also decorate their ship. Paintings, wood carvings, anything to enhance their mental connection to their ship.

Speedboat by Clker-Free-Vector-Images via Pixabay

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Author's Notes

Answer to the World Anvil Summer Camp 2023 prompt: 22. An item of great cultural or religious significance to a people in your world.

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