Ship Time

Ship Time, is the time the clock on a ship shows. Well that's kinda obvious isn't it. But the weird thing is that often the ship time does not match the time zone the ship is sailing in. This can have several reasons; if a ship sails from one port to another, it can pass trough several time zones. Then the number of times the clock has to be changed is split evenly over the amount of days the journey takes. And not when the time zone is passed, because if a ship sails due east, then it can pass several time zones a day if it's in the far northern or southern latitudes.

In the olden days, the ship's time was matched to the solar time. Everyday the Second Officer would use a Sextant to find out when the sun was at it's highest position, and make that noon, sometimes changing the clock only minutes.

World Map with Time Zones

Cover image: by Johannes Plenio


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