Skillful Zealotry

Solmites, like their First Men ancestors, are a testament to Humanity's ingenuity and quest towards excellence. Their dedication to the human endeavor and achieving unparalleled prowess in their chosen pursuits make them all skilled experts and unrivaled masters. Sadly, many twist this passionate pursuit of excellence into religious fervor and zealotry, creating environments where human greatness is exalted and even revered above all else. This borderline racist belief in the superiority of Solmites has promoted a culture of isolationism and xenophobia among their people, especially when dealing with non-manfolk.

Solmite History

Solmites are the product of strict traditionalists clinging to small facets of First Men culture, values, and social standards. Found predominantly in the Solemn Expanse, these Humans live in isolated groups united by a shared past and desire for success. The scarcity of resources and widespread danger present in the expanse only further enhances the Solmites' near biological drive towards isolationism and fosters a deep distrust towards other sophonts. The City of Marble houses the largest population of Solmites on the continent, as the loyal followers of the Marbled Pantheon. They are praised for their ingenuity and zealotry, as Telia mold these humans in the image of Argous and his chosen people. Within the walls of the Marble City safe from harm, the Marble Pantheon fosters the arts and philosophy among the population. Until recently, these Humans slaughtered Beastfolk for sport and were the chief cause of the ecological collapse of the Solemn Expanse. The Humans that adopted the philosophies of Seawatch traded their religious fervor for a clinical pursuit of scientific progress. When Solmite pioneers first founded Shardholm, they abandoned their faiths in favor of a greater good. Following the greatest among them to salvation, these Humans unify beneath shared burdens and the interconnected web of relations that bind them all as one.

General Information

Genetic Ancestor(s)
50 years old, reaching maturity around 16.
Average Height
5 and a half to just over 6 feet tall.
Average Weight
160 pounds.
Related Ethnicities
Male Names Ademir, Joel, Alex, Deven, Eric, Colyn, Godfrey, Desmond, Vicente, Lucus, Artur, Nelson, Kevin, Xavier.
Female Names Anneke, Tessa, Matilda, Kyla, Lillian, Ellisa, Sienna, Rosana, Ariana, Maria, Susana, Julie, Calista, Sarah.
Last Names Forgeblight, Windrock, Swiftblade, Prideeye, Crophauler, Halfmarrow, Stonewood, Oatweaver, Blackhammer, Rotcaller, Rusthilt, Whitewing.

Naming Schemes

Solmite names.


The Solmites are made of the proud bloodlines descending from the First Men without taint or deviation. Therefore they stand as paragons of human purity and its drive towards excellence. Dark hair and even darker eyes are the hallmarks of these Humans, contrasting against their smooth, olive-colored skin. Standing around six feet tall, Solmites are the tallest Humanity has to offer on Haven with a proud, straight-backed posture befitting their noble lineage. Their stern, even stoic features serve to accentuate this noble pedigree with chiseled expressions. Among Manfolk, many regard Solmites as one of the most beautiful sophonts on the continent. Full of a fierce, radiant beauty seen only among their greatest deities.

Traditionalists and Fanatics

When creating a Solmite, remember that deep-set traditions and fanatical beliefs guide your people. Cemented by generations of myths and teachings, your stubborn world views make up the sturdy foundation of your reality. Ancestral respect is paramount among these Humans and their knowledge does not merely exist in chronicled histories but lives on immortalized in fabled legends and treasured traditions.


At the heart of industry in Seawatch, this is seen in a stubborn human population devoid of morals and intent on progress in the name of ultimate survival. Fostered among an elitist noble class of educated arcanists, Solmites dominate a city commanded by mastery of the arcane art and technological prowess. In the theocratic streets of the City of Marble, Solmites dwell as the chosen sons and daughters of the Marbled Pantheon. Eager to be of service and born to be prodigies, these fanatical Humans dominate a society guided by artisanal craftsmen and zealous theologians. In the unified tributaries of Shardholm, the Solmites live as the intertwined bloodlines that have defended the Shardlands since the dawn of human occupation. Despite both Graystone and Ravenpeak being technically within the Verdant Expanse, many Solmites can still be commonly found in both cities. Solm is the native tongue of the Solmite people and is believe to be the first language developed within Haven to use the Hulmetic alphabet.




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