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Olkedo Session 2

General Summary

Our adventurers ask around in Olkedo about the black stone and Captain Stancliff Preston. Various people tell them it seems vaguely like a drajule, but wrong. They discover Captain Preston was a Maji who lived 200 years ago and founded the Binder Guild. In looking for more information about Captain Preston, our heroes discover that Toshi's mother Haruki, who left her family for mysterious reasons, took Captain Preston's memoir with her when she left. Toshi's sister Oki has a strange reaction to the stone. They find a Book of Ruins in Toshi's house and decide to explore the nearest ruin, which is east of Faversham.  

Detailed Summary

  Toshi Ryoko, Brick, Nieve Powell, and Jebedaiah Bateman begin in Olkedo. Players are not sure letting the Olkedo Binders Guild know about the mysterious stone is a good idea. Toshi discovers that some sides of the stone look carved and others seem broken, as if from a larger piece. Players then go to the library where Toshi asks librarian Riho Tazawa if there are any books on gems. She points Toshi in the right direction. They find that it could be made of obsidian or jasper. Players also talk to the guild loremaster Wyndam Hughes in the library. They ask him about the stone. He holds it and tells them it feels wrong. It kind of feels like a drajule but there is not enough magic in it to bind a monster. He thinks it might be a dud drajule or a drajule fragment. He thinks something must have gone wrong in the ritual that created it. Deedra McClellan then interrupts and suggests that they have Farmer Ott look at it because he sometimes has visions. Players are skeptical about this, but they go see Farmer Ott anyway. Farmer Ott’s face goes white when they hand him the stone. He tells them that it feel dangerous. He also tells them that Rita Villanueva needs some help on her farm.   They go see Rita and she tells them that her sheep wandered off to the Wildlands. They locate the sheep and as they approach a Rampage stands up from the center of the herd. It is strong but Nieve manages to catch it. They then use Nieve's Lightmare, Ray-Ray, to heard all the sheep back to Rita. She gives them each 50 suls.   They then go ask Iscyra Oxblood about the stone. She says it feels strange. They also ask her about Captain Stancliff Preston and she tells them that he was a Maji who lived about 200 years ago and he was the father of Binding and built the Guild Hall. Our protagonists then split up. Jebedaiah and Brick go talk to Flint Paelun in the tavern. And Toshi and Nieve go back to the library. In the library they ask Riho about Captain Preston. She goes to where the book about Captain Preston (called The Tales of Captain Preston) should be and it isn’t there. She mentions that the last person she remembers having that book was Toshi’s mother Haruki Ryoko. Meanwhile in the tavern, Jebedaiah asks Flint about Captain Preston. Flint tells them that Captain was a pirate that loved to hide treasure and he’s been researching the Captain to find more treasure. He gives them a Book of Love Poems he believes to have been written by Captain Preston. He says he was in love with Akari Oshiro. So she may have been the one to give him the stone.   Toshi and Nieve then go to Toshi’s house where Oki Ryoko takes the black stone and runs. Nieve sends Lightmare to catch her. Oki pouts and says the stone isn’t theirs and throws the stone at Toshi. They then go talk to Toshi’s grandpa Noboru Ryoko about books his mother had. He tells them that Haruki used to go outside of town to read somewhere to the south. He also says there might be some books in the attic. They look and find a Book of Ruins, the nearest being east of Faversham. They go to the library one last time and look up Akari Oshiro and find nothing. They then leave town at night and before they get too far they see something scuttle across the road ahead of them. It dives into a burrow and the players follow. In the burrow they see a Stranac with something behind it. As they get further into the burrow 6 more Stranac drop from the ceiling and attack. Players defeat them with Toshi catching one. They find a magical belt in the burrow and then continue on to Faversham. They all gain 5 xp at the end of their adventures.

Rewards Granted

  • 50 suls each
  • 5 xp
  • A magical belt
  • A book of love poems, believed to be written by Captain Preston
  • A book of ruins

Missions/Quests Completed

Find Rita's Missing Sheep!


Episode end song: Song to the Siren - Tim Buckley

Report Date
18 Aug 2018
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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