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Olkedo Session 13

General Summary

Our protagonists go to Shikotsu and discover that someone has stolen an artifact from the lake and angered the lake monster. The lake monster has been causing earthquakes as a result. They return the artifact and defeat the lake monster, finding another black stone along the way. Once back in Muscaria, they get teleported somewhere they did not intend to go.  

Detailed Summary

Nieve Powell, Toshi Ryoko, Brick, Jebedaiah Bateman, Rasputia decide to stop at Shikotsu to place the teleport anchor on their way back to Muscaria. The buildings here are damaged. They ask someone who the leader of town is and then direct them to Sakuko Shima. They also point them in the direction of the Soothing Waters Inn. They head to the Inn, order some sake, and ask the barkeep for rumors. He tells them that the town has been having a lot of earthquakes lately. The quakes have been occurring every few days for a couple of weeks. Jebedaiah asks if the town has considered evacuating but the barkeep doesn’t seem too keen on the idea. Brick asks if there is any pattern to the quakes or a place of origin. The barkeep says that Kazue Tsutsumi saw a shooting star traveling along the ground around the same time the quakes started. The barkeep tells them where Kazue lives and that she saw the star come from the lake. Jebedaiah throws the teleport beacon down in the bar and says that he claims Shikotsu in the name of Muscaria. The barkeep takes offense and tells them Shikotsu doesn't need the help of outsiders. They take the teleport anchor and leave the Inn.   Toshi, Nieve, and Rasputia go to Sakuko’s house to talk to her. Toshi asks her if they can leave the teleport anchor and she says they can put it in the town square. Sakuko confirms what the barkeep told them about the woman that saw the shooting star. She also mentions the town elder, Fuuko Uramoto, and her stories about the lake spirit. Toshi asks about setting up a binder’s guild in town and if there are any binders in town that could join. Sakuko is a binder, as is Fuuko’s grandson.   Jebedaiah and Brick go to the lake. They see a young boy fishing with a net. He has a Raindeer. Jebedaiah asks the boy’s name which is Kinzo. Jebedaiah is jealous of the Raindeer. Kinzo tries to end the conversation but Jebedaiah is persistent. Jebedaiah asks if he’s seen any shooting stars but Kinzo says he doesn’t know anything about that. Kinzo seems uncomfortable as he leaves to catch some fish. They ask another fisherman about shooting stars and he shows them an impressive fish he just caught. The fisherman teaches Jebedaiah to fish with a net. The fisherman shows Jebedaiah and Brick some giant scales he found on the shore, and gives them a scale to keep. Jebedaiah bestows a Henifer upon him in thanks.   They meet back up with the others and decide to go talk to Kazue. Kazue’s house is partially collapsed. Brick asks her about the shooting star. She seems eager to talk about it. She asks them if they know about the phenomenon happening elsewhere. She tells them she saw the star at night and it came out of the lake. It was a yellow glowing orb that went from the lake to Fuuko’s house. She says the orb went about running or galloping speed, and that it came out of the lake near the shore. They ask if anyone new has come to town and she says no. She tells them that Kinzo and Fuuko didn’t see the star but since the night of the star Fuuko's health has been getting better.   They go to Fuuko’s house. The boy from the lake, Kinzo, answers the door. He shows them to Fuuko and they ask her about the spirit of the lake. She tell them that long ago there were 3 spirits. The Spirit of the lake taught humans to create things. But the humans’ mining practices caused a disruption of the habitat. The 2 other spirits grew angry at the lake spirit for allowing this destruction. The 2 spirits put a monster in the lake to scare the humans and punish them. The lake spirit intervened and convinced the other 2 spirits to give the humans another chance. The lake spirit taught the humans to use the land more sustainably and calmed the beast the other 2 put in the lake. ( The Monster of Shikotsu Lake ) After the story they ask Fuuko if mining practices have changed recently but she says they have been mining the same way for hundreds of years. Kinzo hustles them all out after the story saying his grandma needs to rest. Brick gives Kinzo some rope as an apology.   Afterwards Brick flies over town trying to look for clues, and sees Kinzo crawling into a small cave by the mines. Brick informs the group and they head to the mines to see what he’s up to. In the tunnel they see Kinzo holding a golden orb. He tucks it away in a crevice in the wall and covers it with a rock. Jebedaiah bursts from his hiding place and pretends not to know what he’s seen. He asks Kinzo if he’s sure he never saw a shooting star. Kinzo denies it. Brick then takes Kinzo outside the cave while the rest stay behind to examine the orb. Jebedaiah takes a bite from one of the mushrooms from Castle Stein. He has the same vision he had before. He places the rest of the mushroom on the orb and it disintegrates. Then Jebedaiah touches a hammer to the orb but nothing happens. He breaks the hammer and then touches it to the orb and the hammer reassembles. Jebedaiah puts the orb to his forehead and tries to invoke the spirit of the lake but nothing happens. Jebedaiah then breaks one of this fingers and then places it on the orb. His finger heals but Jebedaiah can feel his brain buzzing in an uncomfortable way ( Mystery Condition ).   They then go to the lake to investigate. Jebedaiah makes an ice submarine with Flapuzoa and Toshi and Nieve go with him into the lake to look around. They see the wreck of a ship and a statue at the bottom of the lake. As they go toward the statue they see 2 enormous eyes next to it. Since they do not have the whole party with them and they are in a fragile ice bubble they decide to retreat for now. They regroup and head back to Muscaria to purchase some waterbreathing potions. Once they get there Fygmal Tyqor and Connor Wentworth pay them for their completed quests. Fygmal mentions that Susali has another teleport anchor, in case they want to place one somewhere else. They go talk to Susali to get the other anchor. She mentions that they also sent Bakl-vah with some anchors.   They go back to Shikotsu and find more damage to the village than there was before. They test the orb on a damaged house. The house rebuilds before their eyes from the power of the orb, but soon after using the orb there is another earthquake and the house is damaged again. They return to the lake and descend into the depths under the influence of the waterbreathing potions. They go into the ship first. They don’t find much of anything on the ship until they make it to the Captain’s Quarters. In the Captain’s Quarters there is a large desk and 2 paintings on opposite walls. They appear to be identical at first but there is one difference. Toshi touches the difference and a panel under the painting opens revealing a cache of treasure. Jebedaiah also takes the horn from the Narwatt figurehead on the front of the ship.   They head to the statue and the creature guarding it, a large catfish called Namudzu, attacks. They defeat it and replace the orb in the basin beneath the statue. When they do, a small compartment opens under the statue. There is a black stone inside, along with some other treasures. When picking up the black stone Jebedaiah feels his brain buzz again. They return to the surface and confront Kinzo. They tell him they know that he stole the orb and caused the earthquakes. Kinzo bursts into tears. He explains he thought he could use the orb to heal his grandma and he didn’t know it would cause earthquakes. He says his grandma is sick again and asks them to send an alchemist from Muscaria to look at his grandma. They ask if Kinzo can pay them and he gives them a humanoid skull with ivory and sapphire eyes. They also try to get the leader to pay them but she has no idea what caused the earthquakes and has no way to know they stopped the cause of the earthquakes.   They go back to Muscaria. The teleporter is done. Fygmal wants the players to test the teleporter. He gives them a sending shell so they can communicate once they are on the other side. Brick kicks Jebedaiah through, Toshi goes through with a rope and the rest follow. But once on the other side they realize they are not in Shikotsu. They are in a jungle. Two people recite a rhyme and pose dramatically at them and their Hibisticuffs steals the teleport anchor. The players will have to get it back in order to get back to Muscaria.

Rewards Granted

  • 8 xp
  • Merit
  • 1200 suls each
  • 266 Imperials
  • Waycarver
  • Bottle of ink
  • Water keyed Archdrajule
  • Ice keyed Archdrajule
  • Greater Archdrajule
  • A scepter of pink gold and mother of pearl
  • a tricorn hat with the initials CSP embroidered on it
  • 7 transparent pale yellow gems
  • 2 Healing Lotus
  • Calming Curio
  • Turvy Top
  • a pewter hammer amulet on a plain leather thong
  • A humanoid skull with ivory and sapphire eyes

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Save Shikotsu
  • Teleportation

Character(s) interacted with

  • Sakuko Shima
  • Kinzo Uramoto
  • Kazue Tsutsumi
  • Fuuko Uramoto
  • Susali Peperina
  • Two flamboyant binders

Created Content



Episode End Song: Bottom of the Lake by The Builders and the Butchers  

Report Date
11 Aug 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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