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Bakl-vah is from a town called D'Asiago. He worked for the Thieves Guild there. He joined because he thought it would be a way to combat the wealth disparity in D'Asiago, but eventually he saw that the Thieves Guild preyed upon the poor as much as the wealthy in the city, so he left.   Somewhere along the way he became Mayo Sauz's mentor. His motto is, "Everything has a solution, except death." He taught Mayo to be cunning and strong. He also tried to teach Mayo to be merciful to those less fortunate than himself, but it is unknown how much of this part of his teachings sunk in.   Lately he has been tracking strange magical occurrences across Rathana. He believes that these magical occurrences are related to The Black Stones and that someone is using them with ill intent.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Bakl-vah is very tall and muscular, with short, graying red hair and mischievous but kind eyes.

Graying red hair

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