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Selina Gray

Detective Selina Gray (a.k.a. Spinnerette)

Selina is the chosen champion of The Arachnid, given the power of the brown spider. She is referred to as Spinnerette in uniform, though other champions occasionally call her Spinny or S. She is also a missing persons detective in the SCPD.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Selina is small and highly flexible, still able to perform contortionist and acrobatic feats that she did as a child.

Special abilities

Selina can summon the sticky touch or webs of spiders as well as occasionally an extra set of arms.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Selina joined the Champions during the fourth wave to try and improve their relations with the authorities by teaching them things such as civilian arrests and miranda rights.

Gender Identity

Woman, she/her

Morality & Philosophy

Selina struggles with her morality slightly due to being both a police officer and a member of a vigilante group that does illegal things, but unlike some of the others she has less qualms about killing when necessary as it is part of her officer training.


Contacts & Relations

Among the champions Selina is considered one of the 'adults' though she mainly interacts with the younger amongst them such as Maricel, Rotti, Vix and Ozzy as well as Amber, Akiko and Cain. Because of her odd schedule with the police department she is one of the only ones to not take part in regular patrols and instead join when available.   She has a partner in the SCPD and some friends as such Detective Davies.   She is dating Ryan West.

Family Ties

Selina's parents were killed, along with many people she grew up with, in an explosion when she was a child. She was never adopted by anybody but was fostered by mostly kind people.
Current Location
Current Residence
Her apartment
Dark brown
Long, thick, light brown (has dark tips in uniform)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Slightly dark
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Angloromani, English, Spanish, Champion Creole, some German

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