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Akiko Fujimoto (a.k.a. Swallow/Electric)

Akiko is the chosen champion of The Peace Bird, gifted the power of the tree swallow. She is one of the few champions where her name amongst the group, Swallow, remains different from her name in common media, Electric. Many of the Champions refer to her civilian self as Kiki in an attempt to obfuscuate her identity when talking about her or to her in public.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Akiko is just under average height for a woman of Japanese ancestry and utilises her slender form for quick flying and a fighting style focused on agility and precision.

Special abilities

Akiko can summon the iridescent wings of a tree swallow which usually marks her skin as well. Along with other bird champions, she can also summon the UV sensitive vision and increased range of hearing that birds have.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Akiko was part of the third wave of Champions, though unique in that she was already in the city and had her abilities but waited to join due to hesitance owing to her family situation. She quickly gained influence as a strategist amongst the group, as well as being one of the few to have formal training.   She left the champions for a while due to her father discovering her identity, but rejoined after Pyra turned some of them to children. After this she started living in the champion mansion.

Gender Identity

Woman, she/her




Contacts & Relations

Akiko is closest to Young-Soon amongst the champions as they began dating not long after the possession incident. She also stated that Catarina, Vix and Laquisha were good friends of hers and reguarly patrols with some combination of Laquisha, Young-Soon, Vix, and Walker. She also taught Kye about stock markets and later employed him as an accountant.

Family Ties

While Akiko is one of the few to still be in contact with her family and actually lives with them for a significant portion of time while being a champion, the actual relation leaves much to be desired. She was so sure of the distance between her and her parents that she assumed they wouldn't realise she was being a vigilante in her spare time. In present time she has distanced herself from them despite their concurrent attempts to be around for her more, though she is still in contact with them.

Wealth & Financial state

Unlike most of her fellow champions Akiko does not hail from an impoverished situation or a broken family. In fact, she is incredibly wealthy (though the state of her family is much more debatable).
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Chosen of The Peace Bird Heir to Fujimoto industries
Current Residence
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
English, Japanese, Champion Creole, conversational Spanish, some Korean
Ruled Locations

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