Trinity Court

Named after one of Selina's cases, the block of flats was built by The Steady Ground Foundation.

Purpose / Function

For homeless and low-income residents (especially children though on the down-low to avoid social services) with a built-in kitchen and cafeteria, recreational rooms, dojo with free self-defence lessons for residents and workers, computer room with printers and washing machines. Ex-cons and prostitutes that wanted out of the game were hired as cleaners, cooks, instructors and security. They were given training if necessary and optional residency as well as full health insurance, solid pay and a pension plan. There is a secret penthouse for Champion use.


When another company's plans fell through the Foundation brought the site and submitted their own plans. When approved they hired an army of skilled builders and construction was finished within a number of months.
Arcology / Residential Complex
Parent Location
Owning Organization

Cover image: by Patricia Lazaro