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Pantheon Champions

"We-ell, we're a technically unsanctioned paramilitary organisation made up of misfits that dress up like circus performers, sometimes jump off skyscrapers for fun and occasionally get possessed by gods, so this isn't really the place for healthy coping mechanisms." She said.
  While originally Champions was just used to describe any chosen one of the gods, in the modern era of superheroes it became the term for the entire 'vigilante' group of 'animal-themed fighters'. It wasn't until things began exploding and divine battles started that people realised there was more going on than that.

Public Agenda

As a whole the Champions are dedicated to fighting crime, primarily in their city. Certain members have certain focuses and they occasionally tackle larger-scale crimes or issues in other places.   Various champions have different reputations amongst the criminal underground; in fact the most feared are Heron for her liberal used of force, Shark due to the shock of seeing a petite, prettily dressed lady open a mouth full of terrifying teeth, and Rattler because she has the nasty habit of sneaking up on people and making warning hisses and rattles while standing behind them. They're not necessarily considered the most dangerous, but they are the most likely to have low-level criminals immediately surrender upon seeing them.


Phoenix provides them with Lodestones which enable them to hide their identity by changing into a set outfit at any time.    At first, they used burner phones paid for with stolen cash to communicate with each other and call emergency services, but Saffron and Allen later created a comms network and hardware that they now utilise, though burners are still sometimes used.    Rich gave them the Mansion and routinely offers them money to buy supplies. He essentially funds much of their operation, though they're still in the habit of stealing dirty money and where possible return it to the original owners.
Military, Paramilitary/Militia
Alternative Names
Demigods, Demibeasts
Champions, Beasties
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories

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