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Stakeheld individuals are those who have lost some amount of their soul in exchange for powers beyond their ability to achieve, with the vast majority being pure humans. Unlike tales of deals struck with demons and fae, the vast majority of Stakeheld get no say in the matter and are chosen without their knowledge or consent. Once an individual is Stakeheld, there is no way to reverse it until their death renders the connection broken.  


Powerful entities can pick people to be Stakeheld by them, with the majority being divine entities picking Champions, though some instances remain of other powerful entities managing the same. The reason for the loss of the soul or parts of it is deceptively simple; there isn't enough 'space' in a person for the abilities being given, and in order to retain the balance needed in a living being something has to be taken, with souls being the easiest to access.  


Stakeheld individuals have a variety of recorded abilities manifesting from their condition which depends on the entity making the transaction and the individual on the receiving end. The Pantheon Champions tend to gain the abilities to manifest physical attributes of animals as well as their skills; a Mockingbird Champion in the early 1800s was recorded as having the ability to change his voice beyond normal human capabilities, for instance.   On the other hand, the loss of parts of your soul also has effects. The Champions of the Beastial Gods often do not have too many issues, as they are careful with what they take in their own way of being benevolent. However, they do still occasionally report issues with their emotional states or senses for a short while after the transition is made. The Champions of The Elder have far more prevalent issues due to his greed and penchant for destruction leading to him taking as much of his Stakeheld's souls as he can.


Members of the Old Races and some humans who have had supernatural or near-death experiences, especially in the vicinity of Sarnport, are usually able to identify Stakeheld on sight and are not particularly fond of them. They also tend to be avoidant and afraid of them, and all but the most powerful will be resentful of their interference but nonetheless obey.
Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare

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