Time Pirate (a.k.a. Pyra)

Pyra was a one-time antagonist and now ally of the Pantheon Champions who appears to be relatively new to her powers, displaying an increase in control over them just in the time the Champions know her. Her original name is unknown and the Champions call her by the nickname of 'Pyra'. She also keeps her true age a secret.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Pyra is sometimes referred to as 'The Hebe Champion'. She can change her age to any from her natural lifetime, entire body shifting but not her clothes. She is also unable to hold the change permanently and is still affected by the usual changes of ageing even if she looks very young. Furthermore, she can temporarily change the ages of people she makes skin contact with as a defence or attack; this effect can last for a maximum of a week and wears off randomly within that time frame. With focus she is also capable of changing the time of certain parts of the body permanently, using it to reverse severe injuries or, slightly easier for her, speed up the time of the injury to heal it. Occasionally, sufferers of the youth curse will undergo unnatural bouts of melancholy known as time sickness that leaves them lost in their grief and unable to respond to the world around them. This is impossible to overcome except by time and can be triggered by extremely averse conditions.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Champion of The Elder
Aligned Organization

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