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The Elder

The Elder was, predictably, the eldest member of the small family of gods sometimes known as the Pantheon of Three. His escalating cruelty towards mortal beings led to his surviving sibling The Warrior fighting him and culminating in the both of them being locked away. However, at some point a cult rose up with the express goal of freeing him and ruling over the destroyed world known as The Court of Irons, and he appears to be working with them.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To escape from his prison; to level the world back to a primal state.


Contacts & Relations

He apparently speaks to the High Priest of the Court of Irons, and has also given powers to three of his 'Champions', though they are often considered more curses than anything: Pyra, Mirage and of course J. As the Beastial Gods have taken a stand against him he considers them enemies to be destroyed and takes delight in messing with their Champions however he can.

Family Ties

His brother, The Warrior, his dead sibling The Illusionist and their child, Phoenix.
Divine Classification
Aligned Organization

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