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Walker (a.k.a. Dolphin)

Walker is the chosen champion of The Water Mammal, gifted the powers of the dolphin. They are, understandably, referred to as Dolphin in uniform.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Walker is slightly thicker than average and not much of a fighter at all, preferring to solve problems with words where possible.

Special abilities

Walker can summon the gills, echolocation abilities and eyes of a dolphin. A tail is generally avoided.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Walker was part of the fourth wave of Champions and was welcomed as a calm, reliable point amongst the madness of the others.

Gender Identity

Bigender, responds to any pronouns, prefers they/them



Morality & Philosophy

Walker is a practising Muslim and this informs a lot of their moral decisions, even after discovering the existence of the Beastial Gods. They fall firmly on the 'no killing' side of the argument and try to avoid violence where possible, staying out of situations when diplomacy fails until its too dangerous to not get involved.


Contacts & Relations

Walker is another quiet one, preferring to keep to themself when possible and finding an ally in Sam in this. They mostly patrol with other aquatics- Amber, Ozzy and occasionally Teeny- as they only patrol in the Docks territory. Despite Ozzy's more energetic personality the two get on well outside of patrol as well.

Religious Views

Walker is a practising Muslim even after becoming a Champion.
Current Residence
Aligned Organization

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