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Amber Hall (a.k.a. Shark)

Amber is the chosen champion of The Fish, given the power of the shark, with her leaning towards the characteristics of the Bull Shark.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Amber is constantly dealing with fluctuating weight, but sharks at least are solid muscle and that's remained the case for Amber; no matter what else is going on, there's consistent musculature going on somewhere. She doesn't actually have much of a fighting style, as early on in her tenure the sight of a short lady standing by the water and then turning around with a mouthful of huge teeth and black eyes scared the daylights out of people and most just surrender on sight, especially if she starts casually walking out of the water towards them.

Special abilities

Amber can summon the abilities of the shark, giving herself gills, the blood scent and teeth of a bull shark, and when first learning she accidentally gave herself a tail and back fin a couple of times as well as using the shark's eyes for dramatic effect. Her ability to scent blood can carry over to her human form and is part of what makes her such a good first responder. She can also, with people she is more used to, smell irregularities in the blood. Though useful, it's a bit unnerving when she just sniffs the air around you and then tells you to eat more iron or shift your medication dosage a little.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Amber joined in the third wave of Champions and was pretty horrified to find that none of the others had any sort of first aid training, excepting Saffron who had some terrifying ideas about what it entailed. She set about training all of them in the basics and giving some of those more interested more advanced training before going to Doc L for further training, as she had never completed her medical degree.

Gender Identity

Woman, she/her pronouns


Contacts & Relations

Amongst the Champions, Amber is one of those that knows everyone rather well, due to her long-standing position of 'the only person with any kind of medical training we know'. However, she only patrols in the Docks and primarily with other swimmers such as Ozzy, Walker and Teeny.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Champion of The Fish
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
English, Champion Creole, some Spanish and Latin

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