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Saffron (a.k.a. Heron)

Saffron is the chosen champion of The Pretty Bird, gifted the power of the heron. Officially her costumed name is Heron, but other champions often just call her Pretty, as that and other nicknames make her happy.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Woman, she/her pronouns


Doesn't use labels


Contacts & Relations

It can be hard to tell who Saffron likes as she is an elusive person by nature and careful with how she engages with other people. However, she enjoys working with Allen and later Kye with technology. Bayley is one of the only people to never get kicked out of the workshop despite dropping things in there a lot and is also never sent away like Saffron does to others sometimes when in a bad mood. Her and Sam also seem to be rather close in that if you don't know where he is they're probably hanging around her, but nobody really knows when that happened.   Apart from that, she usually patrols and works with Vix, Amber, Sean, Rotti and Juli├ín.

Family Ties

Saffron's relationship with J has been very variable and sometimes dangerous, but the twins are currently back to being very close and protective of each other.   While very close as children their relationship began to fray as teens due to the differential treatment from their parents. After she was too slow to save him when he killed their father and he didn't resurrect she had their mother help her escape, a choice J took as an abandonment. Though their reunion was explosive to say the least, they settled back into something more akin to their childhood relationship within the following month.   Saffron was always closest with their mother and didn't mourn her father's death at all and instead was rather happy at his murder.

Religious Views

Being raised in the Court of Irons Saffron was always very aware of the surviving gods and engages in practical worship of her own god and some of those of her friends. She's never engaged with other religions.
Also Known As Heron; Saffi; Saff; Pretty; Alex Davies; Red Misery
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