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J (a.k.a. Bluejay)

J's "true" name is never revealed. Saffron only ever refers to him with the letter J, and others give him names and nicknames. Similarly, he only ever refers to her as Saffron. In uniform he is mostly just referred to as Jay after the bird.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

J is a powerhouse- physically fit, built sturdy but agile and flexible enough to be fast and unpredictable in combat.

Special abilities

J is sometimes referred to as 'The Promethean Champion'. He can power through wounds that would fell anyone else and if he does die will eventually return to life, albeit with the wounds that killed him still existing and healing at an ordinary rate. He also suffers from something referred to as rez rages; occasionally, sufferers of the Promethean curse will undergo unnatural rages that leave them lost to their fury and striking out at anyone that comes close. They are notoriously hard to break and can usually only be done so by those close to them. They can also be triggered when faced by something the cursed despises.


Contacts & Relations

While closest to Saffron, J has also started to make friends amongst the champions. While Cain doesn't trust him for a long time there is also mutual respect between them for their fighting capabilities and focus on protecting the others. Akiko in particular enjoys learning from and working with him, and he spends extra time teaching Kye, Teeny, Allen, Bayley and later Pyra. When not running the Alleys he mostly patrols with whatever group Saffron is in, though he also joins in on patrols if he feels they need extra muscle.

Family Ties

He is rather close to his sister, Saffron, despite the murder attempts on both sides. His relation with his parents is much worse; fraught with his mother and with a successful murder attempt against his father after his father attempted to kill him.
Also Known As   Bluejay; Jay; J-Bird; Ricky Collins; Black Misery; The Promethean Champion
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