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Sam (a.k.a. Chameo)

Sam is the chosen champion of The Reptile That Walks, given the powers of the chameleon. He is referred to as Chameo and is mainly unknown outside of the champions.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Sam isn't exactly small but he is skinny and lean, some say gaunt, all the better for creeping around.

Special abilities

Sam can summon the tail, tongue and skin-changing abilities of a chameleon as well as the ability to make himself cold-blooded to trick heat-sensitive alarms, though they can't hold it for too long for health reasons at Amber's insistence.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sam was part of the fourth wave of Champions⁣⁣ though technically he'd been around and following other champions since the third wave and only officially joined once Saffron⁣ noticed them stalking Allen⁣.

Gender Identity

Genderflux, he/him or they/them pronouns, prefers when people fluctuate

Mental Trauma

Sam consistently struggles with haphephobia, the fear of being touched by others. It can be so bad that he once hesitated to let Wisteria pick them up of the roof of a collapsing building, though she soon took the choice out of his hands. However, they've been shown to be improving somewhat through therapy, medication and sheer exposure therapy in life and death situations.
Aligned Organization

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