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Julián (a.k.a. Eagle)

Julián is the Champion of The Predator Bird, given the power of the eagle, with him leaning towards the look of the Golden Eagle in particular.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Julián is lanky and avoids prolonged conflict when he can, preferring to use the element of surprise to subdue quickly.

Special abilities

Julián can summon the wings and eyes of the Golden Eagle, as well as occasionally using their talons in a manner similar to Laquisha.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Julián was part of the second wave of Champions and the first of that wave to make contact with Allen, Catarina and Phoenix  He emigrated to the US some years ago and hadn't been overly enjoying it, on balance. Though less enthusiastic about the affair than many of the rest of the second wave, he continued to pull his weight and be a steady, quiet influence. As an actual and established adult, he ended up being one of the informal leaders of the Champions, often leading daytime patrols with some of the other flyers.


Contacts & Relations

Catarina is probably who he is closest to amongst the Champions, considering they're dating. Apart from that he is friends with most of the flyers, including Allen and Wisteria, and went out of his way to befriend the shy Lucio and look out for young Kye as he enjoyed speaking to people who could speak Spanish well.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Champion of The Predator Bird
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
English, Spanish, Champion Creole

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