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Phoenix (a.k.a. The Keeper)

Phoenix is also known as The Keeper. Whether this was her original name or one she picked up is unknown. She acts somewhat as a mentor and guide to the Pantheon Champions, and at the beginning offered a HQ of sorts in her house before their numbers grew too large. She is one of the ones who makes the armoured costumes for the Champions.

Physical Description

Special abilities

As a child of The Illusionist Phoenix has abilities that are often referred to as magical though she dislikes that terminology.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Phoenix has spent a long, long time on the mortal plane though she never gives an exact age for herself. She's spent this time as the bridge between the Beastial Gods and their champions, but doesn't talk much about her personal experiences except for the occasional comment about something reminding her of some (usually ridiculous sounding) incident in the past.

Gender Identity

Woman- she/her. While she used to change her gender and appearance to fit in with different societies, she's been static on this preferred form and identity for a while.


Contacts & Relations

Phoenix became very close to the chaotic current generation of Champions and is acquainted with the members of the UDL but for the most part doesn't engage in the human world and doesn't really know many living people outside of the Champions' circles.

Family Ties

Phoenix is the child of an unnamed human and The Illusionist. Both of them are dead and she has no siblings, but she was pseudo-adopted by the entire Eternal Pantheon.
Divine Classification
Current Location
Pale orange
Long, straight, bright ginger/orange
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale and freckles
Other Affiliations
Known Languages

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Cover image: by Patricia Lazaro


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