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Lucio (a.k.a. Wolf)

Lucio is the chosen champion of The Wild Canine, gifted the power of the grey wolf. Understandably, he is referred to as Wolf in uniform.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Lucio is very lean and rangy, opting for speed over strength when he does have to fight.

Special abilities

Lucio can summon the fangs, ears, tail, eyes and senses of a grey wolf, though usually not all at once.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lucio was the first of the fourth wave of Champions, much to Phoenix's relief as he had good tailoring skills.

Gender Identity

Man, he/him




Contacts & Relations

Lucio works most with Phoenix and Catarina in designing and implementing uniform changes. He is very quiet and doesn't patrol as often as some of the others, similar to Selina joining in when the numbers or senses are needed and he is available.
Current Residence
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
English, Spanish, Champion Creole

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