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Catarina Moore (a.k.a. Black Cat)

Catarina is the chosen champion of The Cat, given the power of the stray. Amongst her fellows, she's mostly referred to as Cat whether in or out of costume, but her official name is Black Cat.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Catarina is pretty tall and rangy, and uses her flexibility and upper body strength in her bouncing, confusing fighting style.

Special abilities

Catarina can summon the claws, tails, eyes and ears of a black-furred cat though she doesn't always have all at once.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Catarina was one of the first Champions of the modern era alongside Allen. As the numbers began to grow she established herself as first the informal then formal leader, partially due to her role designing everyone but Allen's costume and letting some of them crash with her when they had nowhere to stay.

Gender Identity

Woman, she/her




Contacts & Relations

Catarina is closest to Julián and Allen amongst the champions as her boyfriend and brother-figure respectively. She insists she has no favourites among the other champions, but they have their doubts and joke about it constantly. Outside of the Champions she also has close relations to Rich, Phoenix and the Commissioner since she has to run interference with law enforcement.

Wealth & Financial state

Catarina was struggling for money before becoming a champion and her financial situation worsened until Rich stepped in. Before she'd been working a number of part-time jobs because her hopes of becoming a designer fell through. She had to drop some of her jobs for vigilante work which was only partially offset by stealing dirty money.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Champion of The Cat
Aligned Organization

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