Commissioner Hall

Commisioner Arthur Hall

Hall is the commissioner of the SCPD and therefore ends up as the primary liasion between the champions and the law.


Contacts & Relations

Hall knows of Selina as a detective and is friendly enough with her and her captain to go for drinks on Selina's birthday. He mostly seems interested in her skills as a detective but is slightly suspicious of her partner Ryan and herself for her apparent relation with the Pantheon Champions though unaware of her position as Spinnerette.    Apart from Selina, which doesn't count as he doesn't know, the champion he interacts most with is Catarina as Black Cat.

Family Ties

Hall is the father of Amber and was rather horrified upon discovering her champion status. However, he didn't arrest her or attempt to stop her and in fact told her he was proud of her for all the lives she was saving as Shark.
Aligned Organization

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