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Ryan West

Ryan West (a.k.a. The Gray Rider)

Ryan is the boyfriend of Selina and a reluctant ally of the Champions after Selina discovered his previous stint as the infamous Gray Rider.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Ryan is a big and obviously athletic man who was trained similarly to J and fights in a similar rough mess of styles with a preference for weapons over hand-to-hand.

Special abilities

Slightly enhanced healing, unsure of the cause.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ryan was brutally beaten and nearly killed by an infamous crime lord just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He left the hospital without being discharged and spent some time with The Court of Irons learning to fight before returning to Sarnport and taking up the mantle of the Gray Rider. He built a criminal empire and used it to break the crime lord out of jail and kill him. A few weeks after that he was shot in the leg and took it as a sign to retire the Rider for good.    A few weeks after that he met Selina and over the course of their relationship they discovered each other's secret identities and he reluctantly allowed himself to be used as backup for the Champions after the terrifying ordeal of being formally introduced to them.

Gender Identity

Man, he/him

Morality & Philosophy

Ryan has no qualms about killing and torturing to get his way for the greater good- if it aligns with his personal goals, all the better. After starting to date Selina he no longer kills, first shown when he rescued her but reinforced by him working with the champions and following their rules. It's mostly for her sake though, not because of a change in his moral stance on it.


Contacts & Relations

Selina is his girlfriend of over a year. He didn't overly bother trying to make friends with any of the champions, though some of the more dogmatically friendly (Maricel) or morally ambivalent (J) got under his skin. He did become close to the 'chaos crew', also including Zizi, Catlad, Kye and Teeny.   For obvious reasons he is greatly disliked and distrusted by other members of the SCPD and even some of the UDL that knew of the Rider's actions. Detective Bradshaw tolerates him just as he tolerates his partner's vigilante activities.
Current Location
Current Residence
Selina's Apartment
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Related Myths
Known Languages
English, Arabic, starting to pick up Champion Creole

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Cover image: by Patricia Lazaro


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