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Detective Bradshaw

Detective John Bradshaw

Bradshaw is an SCPD Detective who used to be stationed in the Alleys. He is the partner of Selina in the Missing Person's Department of the Stacks' main precinct, and later a reluctant accomplice to her vigilante activities and that of her partner Ryan West after he figured out their identities, though notably, they didn't know that he knew for a while. He prefers to go by his last name as he considers his first name boring.

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Bradshaw is close to his police partner, Selina Gray, and is usually cheerful enough about letting her take the lead on cases despite him being her superior and older than her. However, does occasionally get annoyed at her sometimes reckless actions and her habit of keeping to herself and not sharing much, though as time progressed she got better about at least opening up to him and they reached a better accord. He also got used to Rotti and Maricel as they started to visit her frequently at the station and sometimes assist with her cases as civilian informants, and refers to them as 'her kids', as well as somewhat befriending Ryan through a few odd circumstances before realising who he was and, in turn, who Selina was, after Vix's ill-fated visit to the station to collect Selina for their final, climactic fight to rescue Pyra and J.
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