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Zizi (a.k.a. Silver Sai)

Upon allying with the Pantheon Champions she took on the name Silver Sai, her previous rank, though she's mostly just referred to as Sai. However, she is not overly connected to them and spends a lot of time outside of Sarnport, chasing her own interests.

Physical Description

Special abilities


Mental characteristics

Personal history

Having faked her death to escape The Court of Irons she later figured out who Jay and Heron were and found the Champions after their run-in with The Reapers.

Gender Identity

Woman, she/her


Contacts & Relations

Zizi is close to J, her ex, and Saffron, her ex's sister. Despite allying herself with the Pantheon Champions she doesn't get close to many of them. The only people she does is the 'chaos crew', which also includes Ryan, Catlad, Kye and Teeny.   While she does work with the Locksmiths and knows McNamara, she is not an official member, preferring to focus on her own interests instead of revenge.

Religious Views

Being raised in The Court Of Irons she has spent a lot of her life worshiping The Elder. Now she is no longer involved in any active worship.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Zee, Red Sai, Silver Sai, Sai
Current Residence
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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Cover image: by Patricia Lazaro


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