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L/Ms. McNamara

Ms. McNamara (a.k.a. L)

L is the owner of Mac's Bar and considered the leader of the Montana Locksmiths. She keeps to herself and tries to avoid getting involved in the local B.S, to limited success.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

L doesn't share much of her personal history, though she was a Supplier of some kind, and the story of how she came to be the owner of Mac's bar and why she chose a name to do with it is even more secret. She has confirmed that she left The Court of Irons nine years ago and was recruited into the Locksmiths within a matter of months. At some point Selina made contact with her, though once again neither are talking about how that happened, and she has begrudgingly assisted her with a couple of her cases since then, though continues to avoid the rest of the Champions avidly.


Contacts & Relations

L might know Selina, but calling them friends is certainly a stretch even if they work together with some hostility everpresent. She persistently refers to the Detective as 'Fangs' and refuses to let her into the bar, but does still offer information when Selina sends people in on her behalf, even if L is extremely grouchy and aggressive about it. She's also stated that  She has many contacts amongst the Locksmiths and connected with J, and also appears to know Zizi even if they don't often work together.
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations

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