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The Locksmiths is the term for the main opposition to The Court of Irons and is made up entirely of ex-members who managed to escape. They are even less known than the cult that they survived and, in many ways, more vicious and driven.


The Locksmiths are much more loosely structured than the cult they left, with one regional leader that coordinates with the Locksmiths in the area to ensure that nobody is stepping on each other's toes or biting off more than they can chew. In fact, Locksmiths sometimes clash with Locksmiths in different regions due to differences in ethos or overlapping operations.


While Locksmiths are generally better to interact with than Court members, many of them still feel superior to other people and tend to avoid interacting with them where they can due to general disconnect to them and a wish to avoid liabilities. Also, while they tend to hate The Elder they also tend to remain dismissive of the Beastial Gods and their Champions, feeling no desire to work with them despite their shared enemy. Many of them dislike extra-humans as well, especially magic-users, and it's not uncommon to find secondary employment as Hunters.

Public Agenda

To stymie the Court's efforts and, as an end goal, dismantle them entirely, though only when it can be done without the Court tracing them back. Despite their own origins, trying to free and deprogramme Court members is very much a secondary goal due to the dangers inherent there.
Secret, Brotherhood
Training Level
Controlled Territories
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