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Laquisha (a.k.a. Snowy)

Laquisha is the chosen champion of The Night Bird, given the power of the Snowy Owl. She's referred to as Snowy by other champions and the media.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Laquisha can summon the wings and eyes of the Snowy Owl as well as talons sometimes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Laquisha was part of the fourth wave of Champions and primarily acts at night leading to her being less well known than some others.   It's still unclear what led to the cut across her throat that severed her vocal cords.

Gender Identity

Woman, she/her pronouns


Contacts & Relations

Laquisha isn't as social as some of the other champions and mostly only talks to other flyers because talking is somewhat difficult for her. For this reason she is close to Saffron, who made her the talking collar, and Sam who is similarly quiet. She also appears to be close to Rotti and lets him speak for her often.
Dark brown eyes (orange on black in uniform)
Cloudy bob in white with grey tips
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Very dark brown
Aligned Organization

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Cover image: by Patricia Lazaro


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