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Klaus Rotti (a.k.a. Rottweiler)

Rotti is the chosen champion of The Tame Canine, given the power of the Rottweiler. Many of his fellows refer to him as Rotti both in and out of costume as he prefers his family name to his given name, no matter how stupid some of the others think it for maintaining a secret identity. Selina is the only one to consistently call him by his first name.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Rotti is all lean muscle under baggy clothes and uses more power-based fighting styles.

Special abilities

Rotti can summon the sense of smell, ears and fangs of a black-haired Rottweiler, as well as supplementing his strength with that of a Rottweiler similar to Young-Soon.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rotti was part of the fourth wave of Champions.

Gender Identity

Man, he/him


Contacts & Relations

Rotti's best friend is Maricel and he often patrols with her as well as spending civilian time together. He bugs Selina with her and is under Cain's wing, often patrolling with him and Maricel as well as Sam, Ozzy and Amber. He also enjoys sparring with Cain, J, Young-Soon and, when he can convince her, Akiko. It's also been stated that his flirtatious personality has led to both Kid Wonder and Nova having crushes on him.
Current Residence
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
English, German, Polish, Champion Pidgin, some filipino

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