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"Would you be so kind as to not embrace me while I am playing with this rock, progenitor?"
Eight-Two-Five, adressing Ar Doran's doting attitude.
  A competitive yet patient Demon, she listens quietly when people speak and seeks to be approved of by the adults. However, as a young being with magically implanted knowledge, there is a stark contrast between her prose and the subjects she talks about. Only daughter of the Blue Citadel Breed-Master, she is beyond spoiled by her soft-core father, but finds his stickyness extremely annoying especially in public.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Etfy (as she tolerates being called) was the fifteenth of the children born among the Great Batch and her. Her birth pleased her father so much the emotions made him tremble and made him call for the Director Ar Akoth so the rest of the children might be born. Her mother, after being healed, joined the surgeons to achieve the process while the newborn child waited with the other Imps.

For most of her very short upbringing, Etfy was a model student. Participative, if a bit dependant. Like other Great Batch creations, she was smart and had stored information on languages and mathematics making her able to talk fluently at two months old. Having to join Life-School at Fur Dessath's breeding-citadel, she was faced with the violent Demon youth. Whie her physical strength made her a superior opponent, her tempered and emotionless face vored the bullies away, as well as potential friends. The lack of action led her to approach the weirdoes of the school. Weirdoes such as her fellow batch-mates Eight-Two-Nine and Eight-Two-Sixteen who had earned a reputation for surviving monsters already, as well as beating everyone into submission if they tried to attack either. The three stooges, Etfy, Etny and Etsy, have been surviving well together since.


Graduated Furdessath's Life School. Already mastered writting and reading Common Imperial, mathematics, and World History.   Survived training for five days with Snafa the Swift's hellish game of dodge Fire-balls.   On her way to graduate Battle-School at The Red Citadel of Mako Marith.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Killed a Lycansor in the forest when saving her friend Etny.   Persuaded the Breeding-Citadel's Director to send Snafa away from Life-School before someone got hurt.

Failures & Embarrassments

Hates how her father can hug her out of nowhere when she is in public. Also hates that she loves being hugged.

Mental Trauma

AS member of the Great Batch, the ritual that gifted her knowledge misfired due to sabotage. The exact extent of the mental damage is unknown, but multiple Great Batch members seem different from normal offsprings.



Daughter (Vital)

Towards Ar Doran


Ar Doran

Father (Vital)

Towards Eight-Two-Fifteen



The result of supersoldier experiments on Demon children. A serious and articulate girl with a curious mind. Batch-mate of Aroth and Amon.

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Current Location
Year of Birth
557 AS 0 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Member of the Great Batch, born in a ritual after years of breeding and assisted pregnancy.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light purple.
0.65 m
20 kg

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