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Dragon Freedom

This oneshot will be converted to another system and is currently system agnostic.

Adventure background

    In this adventure the PC's will all be members of Saiki 'Boltwing''s crew. 0riginally they were members of the Raitin army but when their airship was sent on a mission to the Mizarin Isles to attack the Nekorians they defected. They did this mostly because they couldn't stand the mistreatment of the Raitin towardsDragons.   While many of the Raitin ships were destroyed by the Mizarin Nightlights, Saiki and other like mined crew members were able to take control of the ship. They flew far away from the battle which marked the start of their pirating life. They named their ship the The Thunderstrike and made it their mission to free as many Dragons from the Raitin... And also make a lot of money on the side.    

Airship Clash

  The PCs will start on the airship Thunderstrike. Since it is quite a large ship the players will most likely not be in the same location at the start of the adventure. If you want to give a little extra flavor to the start you can give each member a title and a task they are performing at the start.
Title Task Result
Navigator Make a survival check The navigator finds a good windstream increasing the airship's speed.
Technician Make an investigation check A fault in the ships armor is fixed giving it 10 additional hitpoints.
Cook Make a survival/cooking check A superb meal is cooked giving all crewmembers inspiration.
Medic Make a medicine/healing check Discovering that not all crewmembers are feeling well. All PC's gain 5 hitpoints
Weapon master Make an insight check Temporarily improving weapons, first two shots of crewmembers add +1 to the roll
Marksman Make a dexterity check Temporarily improving own weapons, first two shots add +1 to the roll
Once the PCs are ready you can read the following:  
The crewmembers are all performing their usual jobs when suddenly a loud noise fills the rooms of the ships. You all know that sound: ship sighted. Even before the sound stops the ship starts bustling with activity. All of you run make haste to reach the armory where the first mate is yelling: "Allright everyone get a move go go go go. No slacking around". After getting their weapons most of the crew gathers on the deck.

Getting Close

The Thunderstrike
The Thunderstrike is the airship of the famous pirate Saiki 'Boltwing'. It uses cloudcrystals as a powersource to stay afloat. Although the ship was stolen from the Raitin with the Raitin Dragons still onboard Saiki has repurposed part of the ship as living quarters for the dragons instead of the original prison.
  The first objective of the crew is to get closer to the target ship. In this regard the thunderstrike is quite lucky as it is faster than the enemy ship belonging to the Raitin. However, to enter the ship the distance needs to be closed completely. Steering the ship is done by the captain, Saiki, but the players can still help themselves. There are several ways to do this:  
  • Firing the harpoon cannons and decreasing the distance in subsequent turns.
  • Disabling the two propellers at the back of the target ship.
Each ship will be able to do two actions and one move on its turn. If the 'fire cannons' action is used already make a dexterity check. If the majority succeeds the action can be done again although with halved damage.   The players are the ones who roll for the Thunderstrike's attacks.
Removed for update
Raitin Ship
Removed for update
  If the target's back propellers are disabled it can't move anymore. With one disabled it has half speed. When the ships manage to get next to eachother the boarding can begin.  



First Phase

  During the first phase of the boarding the PCs will need to make ranged attacks to diminish the amount of enemies. Count any rifle hit over 15 as a hit. Every 2 hits the PCs get during this phase ensures one less enemy in the next round.   The non PCs crewmembers are involved in their own fighting and have no influence on the PCs. None of the enemies manage to hit one of the PCs during this phase. Once 1 round is done this phase ends.  


  The same map can be used to represent the fight on the Raitin airship. If no enemies were downed in the previous phase there are 7 Raitin Soldiers and 1 Raitin Spellblade. Just like before the other crewmembers will be involved in their own fights.   Raitin Soldier
Removed for update
Raitin Spellblade
Removed for update

Freeing the Dragons

  Once the fight is done the PCs and the other crewmembers will plunder the ship and free the Dragons. The Dragons themselves are very wary after long mistreatment so should be approached with care. This can be roleplayed by having one of the PCs make a persuasion check. If the PC approaches the Dragon with a fish to feed the PC will have advantage on the roll.  


  With the Dragon freed and additional loot for the crew has once again reason to celebrate. In the captured ship's captain's cabin, however, a note is found describing the location of a Dragon hatching facility. Saiki is keen on destroying the facility and getting the Dragon eggs to safety.  
Every PC is rewarded with 100 tetrae (gold) loot as part of the spoils.

Adventure Summary

  All members of the group belong to the crew of Saiki 'Boltwing' and are living the airship pirate life. They free trapped Raitin Dragons and get some loot from the ships as well.   The adventure starts with the combat between the The Thunderstrike and an enemy vessel. Afterwards the boarding of the enemy vessel is started. On a succes the PCs will have gained some loot and freed some Dragons. Perhaps they even find information about a Dragon hatchery.

Adventure Background


Saiki Boltwing

Saiki 'Boltwing' by Kefkejaco with heroforge
  Saiki Boltwing is the first airship pirate and was formerly a soldier for the Raitin Army. After defecting she and her crewmembers freed many imprisoned Dragons and stolen many valuables, mainly from the Raitin.  
Saiki 'Boltwing'
Character | Sep 15, 2023


  The Thunderstrike is an airship that is feared in the Northern Oneraga regions and the areas around it. Especially since it is captained by the infamous airship pirate Saiki 'Boltwing'. Before its rebirth as a pirate ship it was one of the better vessel of the Raitin airship navy. When its crew defected it became a useful tool for freeing Dragons from the Raitin.  
The Thunderstrike
Vehicle | Dec 3, 2022


Aigo by Kefkejaco with Heroforge
  Any member of Saiki's crew knows by now that Aigo can't be trusted near anything that shoots lightning. He was way to fond of shooting the normally not used great cannon on the front of the ship. This has cost Saiki at least two possible boardings.   Whatever you do keep Aigo away from the cannons!  


    The Raitin themselves were a still rather unknown until the start of the Progressive Era. They were a reclusive people living in the Crystal Valley to which not many people travelled. According to them the valley was deemed cursed due to the frequent mists and rampant magical surges.   When the Raitin started to leave the valley they did so in full forces by invading much of their neighbours such as the Tenari.   The knowledge they gained from the Tenari allowed them to advance their technological prowess which would make them the most advanced nation. Many of their inventions, such as airships, have now , however, been adopted by other nations as well.

Cover image: Nervonia by Gam-Ol on pixabay


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