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Worrios Storm

A haunting disaster that was unleashed once by the Demons... I hope it will never happen again.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
When Nekuram was losing The War for Marlun yet again the current Necurian king decided upon a desperate action on the "recommendation" from one of the mages of Hudtùr. The suggestion involved a magic ritual to aid in the defence of Unsirgea and Fenhergea by unleashing a magical storm or vortex that would prevent the approaching Council Forces to do anything and hopefully even damage them. The consequences, however, became much more server and dier for both sides than anticipated.

Last chance

Nekuram had faced a devastating defeat at what would be called The Battle before the Storm. The King of Nekuram, Merwyn II started to look for any chance to hinder the two gates of Unsirgea and Fenhergea from being breached as it would start the end for Nekuram. Finding little help amongst his council, he tried to find alternatives, firstly asking Exilos Issdar. The Exilos did not give any "good advice" and was promptly bypassed by the Demon King as he tried to find others. In Hudtúr he found a mage that he found answered his needs. With a ritual in hand, the King mustered the last of Nekuram's armies and marched to protect Nekuram. As the enemies approached, some of the strongest mages started the ritual, creating what in the sky was described as "a twisted warping, clouds gathering but they were purple, black and an overall worrying sight". The Necurian Forces defended the mages that manifested the ritual tens of kilometres from the gates. As the sky turned darker and more grim, forces on both sides were waiting on what would happen in the end.

The Manifestation

... and as I heard the roaring from above, I feared they had summoned a creature from the sky to fall down upon us. If only that had been the case... Instead, the sky fell down upon whatever it could touch.
— The War Memoires of Valden Skrift
Something went wrong that day. The sky's clouds shimmered and suddenly the ritual location exploded in a magical energetic blast, killing all the mages and royal guards in an instant. Lightning erupted around the armies as if the ground itself summoned it according to witnesses. The sky cast a dark fog as thunder echoed above everyone. Demons and Humans alike were turned into ash by the lightning strikes. The fog seemed to suffocate its victims and blind them so they could not escape. Other anomalies were reported as flesh rotting in the fog or being sundered by gravitational anomalies that would appear in sudden bursts. The ground broke in place to suddenly erupt in displays of purple lightning. A large pillar of this purple lightning came from the sky and reached Fenhergea, destroying a portion of the longstanding wall and creating a breach. The town on the inside caught fire but with great effort was saved from the disaster. As the clouds continued to expand over the horizon, the phenomena continued and spread across Marlun over five days until it had disappeared.


As the Worrios Storm ended the consequences and reality hit hard. Both armies suffered immense casualties with 75 % of the Council armies being killed while Nekuram, already suffering from the previous defeats, had lost anything between 40 to 60 %. Many military leaders died during the initial storm, leaving the forces leaderless and both sides withdrew from the conflict. Marlun suffered a great, dark and black forest fire in the southern parts of Israk Forest and many villages were abandoned or wiped out over the five days that the storm raged in the centre. Scares from the Worrios Storm can still be seen today in Marlun, with permanent black spots left in the south.
Metaphysical, Arcane
2354 V.D.
I believe no one knew. Not even the mage himself. Whatever magic that was used, I hope it is never witnessed again.
— Demon soldier who fleed to Glarn

One company ahead of ours fell into a sudden crevasse, not deep at all. They shouted for help and so did the demons that fell down with them. Then the burst of purple light flashed and blinded me. Defend me. But when my sight came back, the smell of lightning, or something similar to a thunderstorm night, hit me too. It was as if you had to see the burned corpses to smell them. Because it was not burnt flesh that I smelled... it was the purple lightning... the purple lightning created this soft, not burnt, smell. It was uplifting, and it sickens me to this day.
— Testamony of a soldier after the Worrios Storm
I survived... But the arm I once had when it melted off my bones... the pain can't be described in words. Only with the thundering, how it bleeds your ears that day, can describe it.
— Account from a son of Telar Nobility that survived, losing his right arm, ear and part of his face during the Warrios Storm, excerpt from Memoires from the War 2354.

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