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Rope Cute-devil

They were a plague for us, they even stranded us technically for a month on those islands! But... alright, they were cute and I might have slipped one abord before we knew the problems they were causing...
— Sailor onboard The Lionflagged
Small, cute and cuddly is what one sees when the small, big-eared mouse is running away from them. Standing about 0,10 meters in height on their hindlegs, they are one of several new creatures that Fenrik Klovhernsman and his crew met on the Replenish Islands. At first, they were just cute nuisances that ran around on the island and some found their way on the ship. Soon, however, the crews on the ships found out what the creatures ate, and had taken a liking to; the ropes. Thus the name "Rope Cute-devil" was born.


The small creature that is the Rope Cute-devil is a mouse-like creature. Unlike the normal ones found on Nimenra and in Telamirein they have notably big ears and have a thicker, fluffy fur that covers them. This, believed by the ships' doctors, is so they survive both cool and hot temperatures that have been found on the islands depending on the season. The fur has a range of colours from grey to brown, perfect for their environment.
They use their hind feet to run fast in sand and grass, doing either a jumping motion or running on both feet and "hands". On the note of their "hands", they can pick up small nuts and seeds without problems. They have four digits on each front and back paw.

Dietary needs

These cute devils are not to be onboard... stop! There is another! Don't let it eat the ropes!
— Lieutenant Seabridge
The Rope Cute-devil eat most of all the nuts and seeds that are found on the Replenish Islands. They don't seem to be carnivorous and avoid most of all the reptiles and birds on the islands and neither do they hunt for fish. They do, however, have a taste for ropes made out of hemp and tar, as much so that they seem to prefer the rope when they have to choose in the matter according to observation from the crews on the Klovhernsman's First Expedition. With their teeth, they can chew through the thick rope in 20-40 minutes.
Geographic Distribution
The Replenish Islands
Average lifespan
Average length
10 centimeters

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1 Aug, 2022 22:36

This are the cutest little devils ever! I love your take on this prompt and how dangerous it can be to have an animal on board that eats all the rope.

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