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Crystal Fox

There! I saw the red glow of it's tail! I saw it!
— Traveller inside the Great Forest
Crystal Fox is one of the rarest animals one can see in Telamirein. They are only found in the Forest of Telamirein. Its lush glow in both sun and moon is
The rarest of all creatures in Telamirein I believe. The Fox hides well among the green foilage despite its luminous appearance.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
what makes this creature a highly sought-after sight. Among some cultures, like the Rowian and Karakan, the crystal fox is a sign of great luck depending on what colour a person sees. Red are most common and green are rarer. There are claims of golden-yellow ones but people call these people mad or claim their sight is failing them, for there is no evidence to support that claim, unlike for the other colours.


The crystal fox is unlike other animals found in and around the Forest of Telamirein. Its fur appears crystal-like and reflects a variety of colours in different lightning conditions but generally, they have a set colour of red and green. They have shorter ears than a normal red fox. They also tend to be lower to the ground and show great agility despite their short legs.

Biology and behaviour

The crystal fox has never been seen hunting any smaller or larger prey. When spotted they usually sit and waggle in the sunshine alone or smaller groups of three to four. This has led to the belief that it might be living on sunlight or that it is a herbivore since there are claims of seeing it eating small plants and grass. Scholars speculate that a combination of both might be the biggest possibility of the two, or it might even be a omnivore like Humans and Demons.
The fox is in any case both a lone and communal animal since it is spotted both alone and playing with their groups. Their behaviour is hard to gain knowledge about since they seem to have excellent sensory abilities from both hearing, smell and sight. The few who chance to see them have most of the time been at glances, when hunting the fox, unverifiable claims or from texts found in abandoned settlements.

Rowian belief

The rare sight of the crystal fox has led to varying beliefs about it. The foxes can be seen as a sign of luck, the red being the bearer of spiritual luck while the green carries earthly luck, whether it is monetary or a good harvest season. Despite this belief mostly shared in communities near the forest, the crystal fox is hunted. The pelt is highly valued by the former nobility of Willrowia since it can be crafted into various fine jewellery and inlaid into clothes.
Geographic Distribution
Forest of Telamirein
Average lifespan
Average length
50-75 centimeter
Average length on tail
40-60 centimeters

Spirit or animal?

The crystal fox is such an oddity for the Forest of Telamirein for their appearance and since they are found nowhere else. There are no animals similar to it which have made scholars of various kind try to explain why the fox exist. One theory is that the fox is an actual spirit similar to the belief of the Ice Harrow or that they are summoned creatures, or magical creatures. The cases for these theories have been put forth in books and speeches both criticized and acknowledged. No one truly connects the crystal fox to a God and no stories have a connection to the fox, making the possibilities endless for what the crystal fox is.

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1 Aug, 2022 22:30

I like how spotting this creature is a sign of luck. I wonder what the gold truly signifies? Beautiful creature!

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14 Aug, 2022 19:36

Who knows what gold signifies? We can only speculate until we see one for ourselves.

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Bonus points for a well written fox article. Because foxes are awesome. With the pelts being desired enough for hunting to occur are they brittle and crystal like, or still supple and soft, like actual fur?

14 Aug, 2022 19:45

I would say that they are crystal-like but have a "soft feel" to them, similar to the plastic(maybe? Need to "feel more stuff to give a better explanation...) feel when running a finger over a well-made product (no groves or roughness). Perhaps if you have ever dragged your hand through something made out of small "plastic fur" it would be a similar feel. They are not very brittle, but are can be smashed to pieces with thought force like ordinary crystals. An iron hammer that strikes right on a crystal is one thing that can break them into powder, while a knife might leave it cracked. I don't know enough physics to write this stuff to be correct on all points but I hope you understand the general thought into this creature's fur.   Thanks for calling it well-written!

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