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Mage's College

The Mage's College from the mainland has a branch here in Wildcross Harbour. This guild is for those with an aptitude for knowledge of all different schools of magic. There are a variety of schools of magic and the practitioners need to be familiar with them all. Progression through this guild will teach and train young minds how to shape the weave and mold it to do their bidding, how to use it for offense, defense, control, ultimately giving them the opportunity to halp further expand this grand endeavor out to new branches across the island of Wildcross.   Apprentice (Freshmen)- These members are the newest enrolled into the college and are expected to spend their time training in the magical arts and learning as much as they can.   Journeymen (Sophomore)- These members have some experience in the arcane arts and have shown themselves to be capable if not green. Their role is to continue training and learning.   Adept (Junior)- These members have shown a varied knowledge in the arcane arts but will need to continue studying. Members of this rank and higher can request access to Study/offices for individual research and are able to request greater equipment.   Expert (Senior)- These members have shown a grand knowledge in all areas of magic but will need to study and practice even more in preparation for the Graduation tests that come up before attaining the rank of Master.   Master - This member rank classifies a group of individuals who run each of the colleges' studies. They are in charge of the day to day activities that go on throughout the colleges and will be proctoring the graduation tests for graduating experts.   Grandmaster - Ricladon Perrora is the only Grandmaster on the Island of Wildcross. Members of this rank are charged with outreach and mediation between the various branches. The rank also deals with punishments for those of rank master and below.


College Amethyst Bands

Wondrous Item (Common)

The wearer of this ring gains a +1 bonus to Constitution saving throws made to avoid losing concentration on an ongoing spell. The ring itself is a pair of interwoven silver/gold bands that wrap around each other. The Amethyst inset glows a subtle purple whenever the caster makes a concentration check against losing a spell with an ongoing effect.
Grandmaster Ricladon Perrora
Master Fintan (Abjuration)
Master Estelle (Conjuration)
Master Dolly (Divination)
Master Piran (Enchantment)
Master Raoul (Evocation)
Master Thibault (Illusion)
Master Tolbrin Mortise (Necromancy)
Master Tibor (Transmutation)
Master Mystan Baharoosh (Evocation)
Expert Lesitaalia Urilamin
Expert Aallumin Fazorwyn
Adept Malmer Shaydark
Adept Hamfalen Yelris
Adept Lilnaestra Omawarin
Journeymen Hadlei Addan
Journeymen Danduil Therandal
Apprentice Abewin Erric
Apprentice Esatalla Thenan
Apprentice ---
Apprentice ---
Apprentice ---
Apprentice ---
Apprentice ---
Apprentice ---

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