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The Darkflame


The Darkflame

  In April of 2021, The Spire called forth those lucky adventurers whom had benefited from events in the previous month and received a dragon egg. Concerned about the responsibility of these individuals and their knowledge in caring for and training a dragon, they sent out invitations for these people to visit the tower and go through a rigorous training program with their new hatchlings.   Most of them tested their mettle against troublesome and problematic fey creatures in the Feywild. One group, however, encountered something greater and darker than had ever been intended. A creature of terribly power over the planes bent their reality, pulling them to his location in the Astral Sea, floating in a nebulus of shattered masonry. Dragon and trainer alike all eventually buckled under the power of the Darkflame's terrible influence; as a reward, the Darkflame bestowed upon each of his new enslaved champions an essence of his power--an amulet. He promised greater strength should they put in the effort to make it so.  

Enslaved Champions

  Those involved in this disastrous event are listed in no particular order:  
  • Gorlim
  • Gwenivai, Dragon
  • Silvas
  • Stark
  • Bavrain, Dragon
  • Shrike
  • Snazz, Dragon
  • Grouch
  • Algarassid

Levels of Superiority

  Though the Darkflame pays no particular to anyone not outright promising, a hierarchy among his slaves has developed. The first are Fearfuls. Nothing more than apprentices; worse actually, they're more like insects and annoyances, even among the Darkflame's other followers.   Embers come next, the spark of ambition overcoming the doubt of fear.   Rays stand above the previous two. This is where they begin to receive minimal attention from the Darkflame.   Commanders are emissaries of the Darkflame. These are individuals who have proven themselves indespinsible and utterly loyal. They watch over lairs, hordes, and move military forces.   Tyrants are among the Darkflame's most trusted followers. Having reached this point, these individuals no longer require the mind bending enchantments of the Darkflame to carry out his bidding; instead, they want to serve him. The Darkflame is the entity that will heat the earth. It is in and through The Darkflame that all things are and be. It is their charge to enforce this belief upon all they come across. Or be disintegrated.  

The Darkflame Amulets

Illicit, Terrorist group

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