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The Spire

The Spire resides on the Isle of Haige at the Summit of Mount Mist. The Spire to the layperson acts as dragon slayers, and is often hired by the populous to eliminate monsters harassing the citizens of Dragonsmoke. But The Spire’s greater purpose is the cataloging, study, and training of the monsters of Dragonsmoke for the betterment of the Isles. As such the Spire is home to the largest library in Dragonsmoke. This collection is fiercely cataloged and guarded by the Spire’s Librarians.
      Drake - Drakes are the initiates into the Spire. They have access to the Spire’s barracks, and begin their study into monsters. They are also sent on minor missions to prove their worth to the Spire.   Wyrmling - Wyrmlings are full members of the Spire; they makeup the majority of The Spire's fighting force. You’ve earned your Dragoon Helm. As a Wyrmling you have access to equipment and can act more independently towards the goals of the Spire.   Dragoon - You are an officer of the Spire. At this rank you are granted private quarters within the Spire. You are also granted access to the Library. During this period in you career you’re expected to declare your path within the Spire either Hunter, or Librarian. Hunter’s dedicate themselves to killing or capture of monsters. You have several Wyrmlings which report directly to you. Librarians dedicate themselves to research and training of monsters.   Dragon - As a Dragon you can negotiate contracts on behalf of The Spire. You have several Dragoons which report directly to you.   Ancient One - You sit on the council of Bahamut and are responsible for guiding the Spire to greatness. You can make decisions that affect the Spire as a whole.
Bahamut - Bahamut

Every Member is given a Dragoon Helm when they reach the rank of Wyrmling.
Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Semi-autonomous area
Economic System
Palace economy

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