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Church of Apotheosis

The Church of Apotheosis is led by a great Priest by the name of Ichabod Mortise. The Church provides a place for people of all faiths to come and pray but mainly provides for followers of a heretical sect of the Blood of Vol; a religion whose faith lies in the power of the individual rather than that of a higher power. These clerical acolytes are very welcoming and eager to please, offering aid and assistance to any who need it.   The Church has a plot of land on the side that it uses as a cemetery for Wildcreek Harbour. A spider-web like network of tunnels connect to the church by a single tunnel located in the workshop under the main chapel. A series of silent monks who have devoted their lives to the church, help till the land and work the cemetery's basic functions. These monks are called the Devotees of Apoth.   There are also a group of heavily armored monk devotees who consist of a higher echelon of monks. This higher echelon is called the Holy Order of the Knights of Apoth. They follow the orders of anyone of Rank Master and up. Two regularly guard the Main Bedroom Suite, two guard the Chapel, and two guard the passageway inside the workshop that leads to the crypt beneath the courtyard/cemetery.
  Apprentice - The newest followers to the Blood of Apoth. These acolytes live on the premises and share beds with the devotees of Apoth. They are taught the history of the religion and sent out into the world along minor quests. Alternatively, they can choose to stay on with the Church, taking care of performing some of the ceremonies and services.   Journeymen - Walk through the town, assisting the people of Wildcreek Harbour and the surrounding villages/towns where possible. They are the main faces of the guild within the town. They are also given quests of higher challenge than that of the apprentices but are still expected to perform their duties in town.   Adept - These followers spend their time studying and preparing for all potential outcomes during the Test of Blood. They know that the Skill challenges are increasingly difficult and that the last test involves the various ins and outs of poisons so followers of this tier spend their time studying and testing different magical skills.   At this point a follower will take a test involving magical prowess that will demand the utmost care and precision. Not all are willing to take the risk and all are able to leave the church up to this point. Prior to taking the test, any follower gets the option to leave, taking the knowledge they have gained from the church and living in peace. Any who attempt the test are forever bound to the church. The test is called within the church as the Test of Blood and consists of a series of skill challenges of increasing difficulty.

The ranks of this guild branch in two directions. This main branch includes ranks going from Apprentice through Grandmaster, whereas the second branch consists of the Devotees of Apotheosis who funnel into the Knights of Apotheosis. This split occurs after the Test of Blood. Any member who passes the test continues on to the rank of Expert whereas those who fail change tracks to the rank of a Devotee of Apotheosis.   Expert - These followers have passed the test and will continue on with their studies into the art of Magic. Progressing to Master when the spot opens up. Experts have free reign of the church and have full access to the bed rooms that are available for members of this rank. This is a lifetime membership as the secrets learned put everyone at risk. Any experts who try to flee or betray the church get demoted to a Devotee of Apoth instead. These followers will fulfill the task of running the skill challenges that go along with the Test of Blood up until the Final test which is overseen by the Master.   Master - This follower ultimately runs this branch of the Church. If a new structure is erected somewhere else, a new Master will rise through the ranks to fill the position for life. The Master is in charge of making the rolls for maintanence and upkeep as well as new additions to the structure. This follower is also in charge of overseeing the final test.
  Grandmaster - Ichabod Mortise  

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Blood of Silver

Wondrous Item


All rings are immediately drawn to a place far outside of Wildcross Harbour. To the home of Ichabod Mortise inside a high level Stronghold. This feature is meant for Masters and Experts who are in need of support or in the case of an emergency for them to reach the Grandmaster. Unless a member has passed the Test of Blood, the Grandmaster will be Hostile towards you. A member of rank Expert garners an unfriendly demeanor from the Grandmaster and a member with the rank of Master garners a demeanor of indifferent and up. The ring itself is a single silver wire-wrapped band with a drop of blood emblazoned on its face.

Grandmaster Ichabod Mortise
Master Tolbrin Mortise
Master Lorelei Dunsgrove
Expert Kyrstic Strazni
Expert Hiram Blackstone
Adept Ineral Tantalum
Adept Captain Thedan
Adept Giovanni de Ventura
Adept Icthyon Altease
Adept Omar Krespin
Adept Saint Germain
Journeymen Kree
Journeymen Konath
Journeymen Beltaari Nothune
Journeymen Evelyn Mercado
Apprentice Ivellios
Apprentice Iskarion Arendis
Apprentice Milner Fulmine
Apprentice Don Fidalgo de la Plancha*
Apprentice Fern
Apprentice Marton
Apprentice Roro
Apprentice Yorvalor
Apprentice Eliodoro Escarpara
Apprentice Ocollum Dresview
Apprentice ---
Apprentice ---

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