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The Trade

So, ye heard summat 'bout th'Trade, eh? Well… firs' tings firs', ferget wotever ye heard. It’s nuttin' like th'rumours. Secon' tings secon', y'oughta start thinkin' like 'em. See, yer already in the trade, y'unnerstan'? We're all part of it, th'question is, d'ye know it’r not? If’n ye do, ye migh' be a Trader. If'n ye don', yer just a mark, or a mook. Those who know th'Trade aren't pickin' pockets or fleecin' grannies fer protection money. They're workin th'Trade, pullin' strings, playin' thieves, brigands, an' politicians like a damn fiddle!
Skipjack, Proprietor of Tradewinds Cobbler’s and Locksmith

Joining the Trade

  Decided ye wan'te get some attention, aye? Well, ‘ere’s the skinny…  
  1. The Rogue’s Gallery
  2. Everybody knows the Trade looks after their own - that includes those who get caught up in the criminal underside of society. Thieves, gamblers, and pit fighters might be noticed by a Tradesman, if they’re good enough.
When you perform the Crime, Gambling, or Pit Fighting downtime activity, you can give some of your earnings to the guild to gain 1 point of reputation with The Trade for every 10gp paid. You cannot increase your reputation higher than 50 in this way.

Reputation Counter

!cc create "Guild | The Trade Reputation" -min 0 -desc "Whenever the more discerning members of the population of the Dragonsmoke Archipelago need the work of talented and capable artisans, there are few places better for them to turn than the legitimate businessmen registered with The Trade."
Guild, Thieves

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