A large area of inhospitable land in between Caistone and Semprax, entirely covered in a dry, cracked white soil. The sheer acidity in the earth prevents the growth of crops and renders any freshwater undrinkable, no settlers have ever managed to find solutions to these challenges and Whitebar remains largely empty.   The depths of these cracks are mostly quite shallow, however, larger and much deeper channels do exist in places but can be incredibly hard to spot especially in sunlight. The colouration of the ground creates an incredibly reflective surface in the daytime, creating an intense glare which adds to the danger of traversing the area. In periods of intense wind, the top layer of soil breaks off and forms clouds of fine white dust, known to be a nuisance for surrounding settlements due to its acidic nature.   Several structures exist in the wasteland in various states of wethering and ruin, it is said a strong magical energy permeates the land which has attracted many mages to practice, study and experiment here over the ages. As a consequence, many cat-like creatures known as Gremishka are scattered throughout Whitebar, especially near anything radiating magical energy. It is important not to use magic on these creatures as they can react unexpectedly and unpredictably, they are best avoided altogether but are known to actively hunt magic users in their vicinity.  


Ghost Oasis

A strange oasis of sorts deep within Whitebar where a cluster of heavily gnarled and disfigured trees manage to thrive around a green-tinged lake. The roots dig deep into the ground and cause large rifts in the terrain, some speculate they may extend as deep as the underdark.

Whitebar Rings

A series of naturally formed rings of stone usually within a deep cavernous valley. The acidity of this environment is known to make such structures highly unstable so travel beneath them is ill-advised. Sometimes they can be found in isolation on the surface, however, this is much rarer than their clustered formations.

Zurstrom Jets

These powerful acidic jets of water give little warning before destroying anything in their way in devastation eruptions. Many stories and tales describe people or creatures, melting away into a sludge from these geysers.
A depiction of the acidic pools in the white wastes.
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Ghost Oasis
Whitebar Rings
Zurstrom Jets
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Rasvale Road
Northcrest Circuit
One of the isolated Whitebar Rings.