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The sneaking bastards didn't think we'd notice. This is why Kaechaek belongs to us and no others... even the kindest nations want to lay their claim and take their pound of flesh from our nation.
  Siridome acts as a great asset for Vallea and Atlan  growth throughout Kaechaek as well as symbolically acting as a part of their long going feud with Peridot as it is a dock barony on Kaechaek's Western shores, almost identical to the Peridot barony of Zirchonia. However, Siridome also represents a huge breakdown in the alliance between Vallea and Kaechaek, with outrage coming from The Wheel barony and Mezzatli specifically as well as a suspiciously quiet response from Emperor Honour for their underhandedness in building the dock barony out of sight of the rest of Kaechaek... this led Queen Agliai Vallea to publicly announce that she was not aware of the barony being made though she refused to state which of her children used royal funds to assist in it's creation.  Sirridome is only 3 years old as a barony and so is rapidly expanding, already however, there are rumours of doubts around it's continued growth as the barony is allegedly struggling against the dangers of being built and refined around a space as dangerous as the Planar-Forge of The Quori there.
Founding Date
16th Westwind 795th Year of Faith
Additional Rulers/Owners
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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