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Simone Fellbright


He is ruthless, ambitious and cunning... not to mention there are even rumours he was trained in the arcane by The Portrait Wanderer , in trying to beat Peridot, Vallea has given power to someone just like those they are trying to be better than.
  Simone Fellbright is the influential and charismatic leader of the Siridome barony in Kaechaek, a blue dragonborn, Simone endured hardship in his walk to a top political position in Vallea and sees Siridome as his opportunity to prove to Namarie the political intellect of the dragonborns. His aloof view of his positionand sense of 'responsibility' often lead him to be singular in his goals and has led to many individuals accusing him of arrogance in his work.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born the only child of a family experiencing the poverty of recently being freed Vallean slaves, Simone rejected his family history and clan name at a young age after being taken on as something of an apprentice for a mysterious mage known as The Portrait Wanderer who allowed Simone to tap into his draconic sorcerous potential after exposing him (allegedly) to the blood of the legendary Luxanna Brightrose.    Upon returning to Vallea, Simone became an arcane advisor before using his charisma and cunning to climb the political ladder... soon winning the election to become the baron of Siridome.
Current Status
Baron of Siridome
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Current Residence
The Baron's keep in Siridome
Black without schlera
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Navy blue scales
Follower of Erathis
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Ruled Locations

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